Outside Lands 2014 Spotlight: Big Freedia Outside Lands 2014 Spotlight: Big Freedia

sxsw-2014-wed_bi3244 No one works harder than The Queen. Shes a freakin party, a problem and a goddamn unicorn. The party is pretty self-explanatory, and for the uninitiated, just watch the video and multiply it by the energy of a stage full of collapsing stars. And fuckin twerk juice.

With a TV show on cable and the justified hype from relentless touring, Big Freedia is kinda famous now, and she deserves every ounce of fame and good that comes her way. What hasn’t changed over the past few years of world takeover is the bounce.

At its core bounce is a gritty, hyper-sexual release. It’s cathartic. It’s animalistic. It’s mayhem.

But the best part about bounce music is that it belongs in the streets. It’s no coincidence that bounce music’s origins are the streets of New Orleans, where all you need is charisma, beat and the willingness to work it.

There’s always one thing at Outside Lands. One guest appearance, one secret acoustic set amongst the trees or one story—one unforgettable moment. Big Freedia WILL be that one thing.

Catch Big Freedia at the Pandhandle Stage, Saturday August 9th at 6:05pm

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