Outside Lands 2012 Spotlight: PAPA Outside Lands 2012 Spotlight: PAPA

Outside Lands 2012 Spotlight: PAPA

Up until the Pinpoint Music gang arrived in Austin for our annual clusterfuckedness that is SXSW, my only experience with PAPA had been a single track on some “Best of” mix CD someone had made me. First off; mix CD? mix CD! Second, the song “I Am the Lion King” is so mix CD-worthy that it kinda bums me out that people don’t make mix CD’s anymore. I know this isn’t a new phenomenon, and Pandora and Spotify and all the apps have similar functions, but there’s just something cool and serendipitous about a great song, and band, that hadn’t previously existed in your life, arriving just when it should. Just sayin’.

PAPA may be a tough nut to crack however; on one hand they have a certain level of honesty and glimpse of real life that you can’t help but sit and soak it all in. On the other hand, PAPA’s 2011 EP, A Good Woman Is Hard to Find might just be the soundtrack to every good day you’ve ever had.

I was lucky to get to see PAPA a few times in Austin – but listen, this band was meant to play within the trees and the park and be the band with tunes you can’t stop humming. And who knows, maybe make a mix CD for someone who needs a soundtrack to their good day.

PAPA – EP Release Release Show @ Bootleg Theater
Photos by Ben Irwin

Catch PAPA Friday, Aug 10th @ 12:45 PM on the Twin Peaks Stage(Hellman Hollow)
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PAPA – “Ain’t It So”

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