Outside Lands 2012 Spotlight: Dispatch Outside Lands 2012 Spotlight: Dispatch

Outside Lands 2012 Spotlight: Dispatch

You ever do that thing with people where you ask if they’re going to the big music festival that everyone has just started talking about and instead of some “too cool for school” response (ie. asking anyone from LA anything), they get super stoked and want to pull out their smart phone on the spot and go over every band/artist playing, letting you know whether they’ve heard of ’em or not, as well as expressing their level of giddiness over each band/artist they plan to see? You ever do that? Ahh, I don’t know.

Anyway, that happens to me every year around Outside Lands-time. And in the best way possible, it’s always the same. ‘Stoked about these guys’, ‘I know that one song’, ‘I didn’t know they were still around’, ‘who the fuck is that?’ It’s a conversation I love having. Forreal. This year, I couldn’t help notice how Dispatch was missing from the conversation. That is, until I ran into someone who went to school in Boston or the Northeast or somewhere. Apparently those guys are huge there and, oh, guess what, music doesn’t just happen in LA or New York.

Dispatch is releasing their first studio album in 12 years, Circles Around The Sun, in just a few short weeks and will be on the road for a very long time after playing Outside Lands 2012, so you’ll definitely have the opportunity to see them in your city. Circles Around The Sun available for pre-order: HERE

Another thing you might want to know about Dispatch is that they’re pretty good dudes – In an effort to continue to use music as a vehicle for change, Dispatch will donate $1.00 per initial pre-order of their Circles Around The Sun to Amplifying Education, an initiative created by the band to support educational initiatives in local communities. An additional $1.00 from all tickets sold for the upcoming Circles Around The Sun Tour will also be donated to the cause. With the help of it’s fans, the band raised over $250,000 for the initiative in 2011. For more information please visit www.dispatchmusic.com/giving_back.

Catch Dispatch Sunday Aug 12th @ 6:35 PM on Sutro (Lindley Meadow)
(Customize your Outside Lands 2012 schedule and add Dispatch – HERE)

Dispatch – “Not Messin’ (Director’s Cut)”

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