Outside Lands 2011 Preview / Lineup Announced Outside Lands 2011 Preview / Lineup Announced

Outside Lands 2011We were told the lineup for Outside Lands 2011 was going to be big, big enough to substantiate going back to the original three day format vs only having two days like 2010. We weren’t lied to, Outside Lands is going to be huge.

If you want to hear me gush about why Outside Lands as a festival is one of my favorite things of the year then take a look at last years coverage. Honestly I’m going to just say what pretty much everyone in California is thinking;on paper Outside Lands 2011 looks way better than Coachella. Yes there are more than a few of the same bands: Arcade Fire, Black Keys, Big Audio Dynamite, Best Coast, Erykah Badu, etc… but that’s probably where the similarities end. You see Outside Lands feels like a festival put on by people who love music… and food…. and booze. So here’s our snap judgment on OSL 2011.

Parts we’re most looking forward to:

Arcade Fire in Golden Gate Park is going to be amazing. The wide open park blanketed by the cold crisp air rolling off the northern California Pacific will be the perfect backdrop to Arcade Fire’s brand of anxiety inducing suburban folk/pop. The ocean mist will already have your skin hyper sensitive and the music will leave you with white girl bumps regardless of gender or race.

The Roots brand of soul-infused hip hop will be perfectly in place. To borrow from something our editor Delicious has said, The Roots-Live Show X ≥ Everything Else. It’s simple math. If you’re not excited about seeing Questlove play as the sun sets in the city than I can’t help you.

The Black Keys, they were there year one, I don’t need to talk about why it’s cool to see these guys anywhere. All they do is make people shake their shit.

Ty Segall is at the bottom of the billing but this is going to be a can’t miss show. Ty will be there hiding behind his hair doing his best J Mascis impression. Note to Coachella; it’s funny how the bottom billed bands really make or break a festival.

The Wine and Food at OSL is beyond question the best of any festival I’ve ever been to. Straight up uplifting gormandizer quality (respec CBGBs we miss you)

Things that should be interesting:

Muse is one of those bands. You know the band that’s forever connected to a girl (or boy) from your past. This girl in particular, got drunk and told me that a few years back she had a foursome with lead singer Matthew Bellamy. That’s when I started noticing that every time a Muse song would come on the radio shed get all glassy eyed and the corners of her mouth would perk up. Now anytime I see or hear Muse, I have to trudge through that swamp of emotional bullshit. Not your fault Muse but we’ll see how it goes.

Girl Talk is about as polarizing as it comes. Tell 10 people in the know that you just listened to a Girl Talk album and you’ll likely get 5 nods of approval and 5 people telling you how the guy isn’t even a DJ and that a license for Audio Mulch doesn’t make you a DJ. Personally I don’t care, it gets me jiggling like Chunk.

Mavis Staples is going to be this year’s Al Green for me. Gimme a real legend belting out some gospel/soul/blues to provide a little texture for the weekend.

Latyrx is like getting back together with the first girl(or boy) you ever had sex with. Except it was awesome the first time…and since their departure into solo careers over ten years ago, they’ve gotten really good at – that one thing you wanted them to do. In all seriousness, Lyrics Born is a MC with all the charisma and talent in the world and he’s finally back together with the partner that helped him get there with the groundbreaking group known as Latyrx.

Parts that I’d could do without:

I understand it’s obligatory to book a jam band for Outside Lands. Last year was Phil Lesh and Furthur and this year is Phish. I swear to God that they must construct the stages around the dirty fucking transients that listen to this jam band stuff. I mean seriously, I got there at 10 am, Sunday morning, last year when the first act was noon – and there were already hundreds of unwashed people playing hippie sticks while their life partners were lighting sage and nag champa on a 30 year old blanket. I get that hippie culture represents San Francisco to some people; well I lived in San Francisco for a number of years and I’ll tell you the real locals bathe and don’t wear ponchos.

The Lineup is:

Phish (2 sets)
Arcade Fire
The Black Keys
Girl Talk
The Decemberists
John Fogerty
Erykah Badu
The Original Meters
The Roots
Arctic Monkeys
Big Audio Dynamite
Warren Haynes Band
Big Boi
Major Lazer
Little Dragon
Julieta Venegas
The Greyboy Allstars
Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band
Old 97’s
Mavis Staples
Latyrx feat. Lyrics Born & Lateef
Best Coast
Collie Buddz
Charles Bradley
Foster The People
Pajama Party
The Infamous Stringdusters
The Vaccines
Toro Y Moi
The Limousines
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
The Stone Foxes
The Joy Formidable
Wye Oak
Ana Tijoux
Lord Huron
The Fresh & Onlys
Ximena Sariñana
Ty Segall
Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers
Diego’s Umbrella
Ghost Robot

4 Responses about “Outside Lands 2011 Preview / Lineup Announced”

  • Smurphy-Lee says:

    Muse, Arcade Fire, Black Keys FTW!!! Also, I’m probably the only one that jizzed my pants when I saw SIA was playing, but I’m okay with that.

  • Jennifer Mimosa says:

    The Fresh & Only’s are amuzzzin, Toro Y Moi, Foster The People, Best Coast, Phantogram…me likey. Oh and The Limousines will be the revival of The TI music fest that we got RUINED on…can’t wait to join Pin Point on this adventure 🙂

  • Ben says:

    @Smurphy I liked “Colour The Small One” alot

  • rowe says:

    I kinda appreciate how OSL always seems to incorporate some bay flavor. Also, I hope there’s a hippie vs. hipster war to end all wars. Can’t wait to go!