Outside Lands 2011 – Day 3 Photos Outside Lands 2011 – Day 3 Photos

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Words By Ryan Rowe / Photos By Ben Irwin


Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band

Wow, buddy, how many ladies want to have your babies? If you don’t know Charles Bradley just watch him perform live for a second you’ll instantly know and feel every hardship and heartbreak experienced by the man who easily has the illest black jumpsuit in music. The dude hangs every emotion on his face and body with each note he sings. This is soul. After taking a mid-set victory lap through the crowd, proudly declaring San Francisco his home (he was born there), thanking the early festival goers “You got my heart so full right now” – Charles Bradley went right into a cover of Neil Young’s, “Heart of Gold”. Greatness.

Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band – Outside Lands Pictures

Josh Ritter – Outside Lands Pictures


Ok, food and beer’d up with some time to kill; this is one of my favorite times of any music festival. So Tune-Yards, I shall lend you my ear and check out what the hype is all about. According to lead-singer Merrill Garbus, this Outside Lands crowd was “The largest festival crowd we’ve ever played in front of”. Which, I think was definitely worth mentioning. Tune-Yards had a surprisingly huge crowd, and were more enjoyable than I expected. Which is only kind of saying something.

Mavis Staples (w/Win Butler) – Outside Lands Pictures

Ty Segall

Ben asked who the biggest surprise at Outside Lands was for me – good or bad. At the time I was so tired and cranky I think I just told him to stop talking to me. But two sleeps later, I’m still thinking about the energy, interaction and showmanship Ty Segall brought to Outside Lands’ most intimate stage. Perhaps I was expecting something a little more brooding, melodramatic and subdued – in fact, that’s exactly what I was expecting. I had never seen Ty Segall live. This is why you go.

Ty Segall – Outside Lands Pictures

Major Lazer – Outside Lands Pictures

Latyrx feat. Lyrics Born & Lateef

Kind of a quiet reunion, Latyrx is a hip hop collective/collaborative/group of people from Northern California – currently consisting of Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truth Speaker; and at Outside Lands 2011, San Francisco’s Jazz Mafia. Lyrics Born and Lateef kept the set funky as hell, climaxing with the Lyrics Born classic “Callin’ Out” – and I now have a crush on the entire string section of a band. Unexpected.

Decemberists – Outside Lands Pictures

Arcade Fire

A lot of anticipation and anxiousness grows by the time the sun gets heavy on Day 3. You’ve been talking about it, waiting for it, forgetting about it-then remembering it; Arcade Fire is headlining Day 3 and it’s happening now! They played the songs I expected them to play, the songs I hoped they would, but never even verbalized so I could have a smuggish smile of satisfactory to myself when they did. They closed with “Wake Up” and “The Sprawl #2” – but shouldn’t I be able to scream my lungs out to the words of each song and not have to hear my own horrible voice and get all self-conscious about it? I’m pretty sure that’s what I want. My buddy Aaron who has the keenest ear for music and sound of anyone I personally know was standing next to me and also had the comment that the vocals had the lowest volume of anything on the soundboard. We’ll give the sound guy a break because I know Arcade Fire have like 63 weird, rando instruments for him to mix, but it was just hard to not notice when contrasted with Muse the day before.

Arcade Fire – Outside Lands Pictures

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