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Words By Ryan Rowe / Photos By Ben Irwin

Thank you San Francisco Gods for giving us sunshine on Day 2 of Outside Lands 2011.  Attire, moods, smiles and attitudes; warmer weather means warmer everything else in San Francisco.  I can’t help but think that of the three days, we only get one of these, and maybe everyone else knows it too, but the festival gods have smiled upon us and we must honor them and their gift by drinking many Heineken’s and eating much pork.  Oh and see some of the best music the 2011 edition of Outside Lands has to offer.


Ok Go

Sure, I was up in the media tent, drinking free beer and eating sketchy, leftover kebabs from whatever was served for lunch, overlooking Ok Go’s set from a safe distance – despite their gimmicky nature, I was fully able to appreciate Ok Go’s flare to put on a show.  I’m going to keep the term “rock star” in my back pocket because I saw Muse on the same day, but I have no qualms saying Ok Go toed the rock star line throughout their entire set and couldn’t have embraced that main stage any harder.  I mean, “If there’s one town known for being dirty sinners, it’s this one…we’re going to cleanse you now”; who says that?  Internet-famous, almost-rock stars, that’s who.

Ok Go – Outside Lands Pictures


So I saw STRFKR. I’m a lushy, hedonistic dance machine sometimes, what do you want from me? Pronounced “Starfucker” for everyone who doesn’t have robot ears, the electro-warriors from Portland, Oregon seriously put on a dancy-shitshow. Coulda done without the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” cover though, but every lady in the crowd surely could not. Way to make us shake our shit STRFKR.

Arctic Monkeys

What’s the difference between the Arctic Monkeys and Ok Go? Not sure. But they bopped hard and were great for the festival crowd. I don’t know if it’s poor showing or just funny, but Arctic Monkeys also added one of my favorite unintentional comedy moments of the day. There were about three songs that were introduced by the band that were so muddled and lost in the so-called English language that do-gooder, worky-types in the media tents were repeatedly shouting “what?”; like, in all seriousness, as if the band was going to repeat the song title in an eloquent dude-from-Daily Show manner or some shit. Guess you had to be there.

Old 97’s

Did the dude from Agnostic Front start a country band? No, no he did not. That was my first thought walking down to check out Old 97’s and their country-jam-rock-whatever gruffness. Great setting, intimate atmosphere, perfect time of the day to gather bearings, friends and wits. Possibly one of the best times I had of the day.

Sia – Outside Lands Pictures

The Black Keys

Ok, so I only saw about four songs from The Black Keys. Lame. They were good. Real good. And every hater who claims this band sucks live. Guess what, they were really good.

Black Keys – Outside Lands Pictures

The Roots

Consummate professionals. Something tells me that your shit, as a band, tightens up a bit when you get to play with each other every day; a statement that should take nothing away from how engaging and entertaining The Roots are live. They are kind of the total package. They know their hits, they can bust out into a Samba jam sesh out of nowhere or they can throw some Lil Wayne hooks over their own classics. Whatever, no big deal. I thought I heard some Journey in there, definitely some Guns N’ Roses – so I would not be true to the observant person I am if I didn’t mention that they seemed to absolutely know their audience and who they were playing for. Welcome to the world of entertainment.

The Roots – Outside Lands Pictures


I saved it as long as I could, and here it is: Rock Stars. Kids don’t sit in front of a stage for eight hours, depriving themselves of water so they won’t have to leave their hard-earned spots for silly things like bathroom breaks and food, for Non-Rock Stars. Semi-unsophisticated metal progressions and hooks…sure. Normal rock star shit, bordering on wankery…sure; Muse, the band, however, does not give a shit. They had the crowd in their palm and did exactly what they were there to do; be rock stars and rock the headlining main stage.

Muse – Outside Lands Pictures

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