Outside Lands 2010 – Day 2 Outside Lands 2010 – Day 2

Outside Lands 2010 - Day 2

Outside Lands 2010 - Day 2

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Pinpoint Music definitely took the path less traveled when it came to Day 2 of Outside Lands 2010. It meant missing some big name shows like Kings of Leon, Phoenix (only regret), Edward Sharpe and Social D, but the reward was a very diverse day of music that couldn’t likely be duplicated at any other festival. As we said yesterday Outside Lands 2010 shines through because of its unique spirit and I feel like we tapped into that pretty well.

The show that really stood out from the entire day was The Reverend Al Green. After I finished photographing the first three songs, that’s how many songs us photographers are allowed, I made my way back to a less dense area to enjoy the show. Something subtle caught my eye. There was a young couple, at most 20 years old each, enjoying a kiss on a beach blanket they had laid out in Golden Gate Park. It wasn’t distasteful or over the top or in anyway, but it got me thinking about how long Al Green has been inspiring love, and how his aphrodisiac is completely cross generational. At the time this is written Al Green is 64 years old. His first album was officially released in 1967, which means for at least 43 years the mans been working his mojo. It was entirely possible that either of those kids were conceived listening to that same music they were getting tender with on that day. What can I say, The Reverend has still got it, and free love is what San Francisco is all about.

Please enjoy the remaining shows from day 2 of the 2010 Outside Lands festival presented as a photo journal.

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