Outside Lands 2010 – Day 1 Outside Lands 2010 – Day 1

Outside Lands 2010 Photos and Review

Outside Lands 2010 Photos and Review

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Outside Lands 2010 was distinctly San Francisco, which is to say its about more than just music it’s about a culture. The local flavors in SF are influenced by cuisine from all over the world. So it’s no surprise that OSL has the best food of any festival I’ve ever been to; to name a few you can get BBQ Oysters, samosas, slow grilled asado, short rib and plenty of vegan and veggie stuff too. Then there’s the wine. What would the Bay Area be without wine? Something you’ll never be asked at Coachella, Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo is whether you would prefer the 99’ Chilean Pinot or the pesticide free organic Chardonnay. Of course since it’s San Fran there is just love in the air. I didn’t see a single altercation and this year’s version of the festival was the cleanest festival I’ve seen, I mean almost too clean. Even the dishes you got your food on were compostable.

That’s all great and everything but you go to a music festival for the music, everything else is just accoutrement. When OSL 2010 announced the lineup I think a lot of people were somewhat underwhelmed. I mean that’s what’s gonna happen when year one your headliners are Radiohead, Beck and Tom Petty; that’s a ton to live up to. For those who are hula hooping jam band lovers they got their holy grail when it was announced Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, of Grateful Dead fame, were headlining Saturday. For those of us who do shower and get haircuts we had The Strokes.

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Pinpoint started the day with the light hearted beats of Electric Six. Complete with pelvis thrusts and ring around the microphone type antics it was a good wake up call for the day

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One of my personal favorite shows was Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. If I was to pick one band that optimized what OSL 2010’s vibe was about, it would be these men. For those not in the know this isn’t some cleaver name for a band of white kids from Cincinnati. These guys are the genuine article. Their free flowing combination of traditional African dance music, Afropop, and hints of Reggae literally emanates freedom. I had a cute SF hippy girl turn, smile, and simply say, “Let it free your rhythm.”

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Gogol Bordello. Holy punk gypsy hell! This is a full frontal assault. With a handsome mustache and about 140lbs of wiry frame, leadman Eugene Hütz and his crew of miscreants is more of the Hells Angeles San Francisco type than the wear flowers in their hair variety. Funk, Punk, Latin Groove, Italian Folk, Blues and god knows what else. I’m pretty sure it’s also Klezmer influenced?!? This show stole the entire night before the sun had even set. I will see these guys each and every time they are in 100 miles of me.

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My Morning Jacket was passionate and even though it was only about an hour very complete. Getting a chance to see them in SF seemed very organic.

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After running over to catch Canada’s Tokyo Police Club at the Twin Peaks stage we stayed on that side of the field the rest of the evening. It meant missing Wolf Mother which I hear was great but when the lineup is this solid some bands will be casualties. Seeing TPC however was worth missing just about everyone else. They are fun loving guys putting out music that is so accessible it’s easy to miss how finely built it is. Part of the charm of the festival as a whole is how it could reach was across generations and genres, TPC was one of the bands that fit that mold ever so nicely.

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The penultimate act of our night was Cat Power. I can get down with a Cat Power album but this was the third time I’ve seen her live and it just doesn’t translate. She is extremely talented in so many ways, but live it’s a bit of a bore. As Patterson Hood once said about her “Enigmatic to a fault… if you’re really so shy why are you standing in the light?” At least she’s not hiding behind her hair anymore.

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Lastly we have The Strokes. Their epic popularity is only rivaled by their musical prowess. It’s no small feat to concurrently energize 17 year olds donning Ramones patches, hipsters, bros, tweens and 50 somethings. It seems The Strokes haven’t compromised anything in their accent to the top and I’m glad to say their live shows are as brilliant as ever. For a band that doesn’t go the pageantry and antics route they sure captivate an audience.

Perhaps underwhelming on paper, in attendance Day 1 of Outside Lands 2010 was superb. The lineup seemed very deliberate, every act handpicked, and no band felt tacked on or out of place. OSL 2010 may have lacked the juggernaut superstars of some of the other festivals this summer but most of them would have been out place here; Lady Gaga would have just been weird, well more weird than normal.

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