Opeth / In Flames @ The Warfield – 12.8.14 Opeth / In Flames @ The Warfield – 12.8.14

In Flames

Ed. Note: Do you remember RIP? Man, I used to read that rag ’til I PUKED! back in Middle School. I thought Lonn Friend was the coolest. All right, maybe not THE coolest but he seemed a well-informed and thoroughly righteous dude with whom any budding headbanger could share an ice cold brew and maybe Scott Ian would be there too and girls, halter-top girls who…um…yeah. Yeah. But Opeth, man. In Flames? Heavy as anything, sure. Maximum Metallum from Sweden and I wish I could tell you something more astute about the rip-roaringness of the two but I don’t think my head’s coming back from the hesher dreams of my youth so let’s just proceed to the evidence, once again provided by one Mr. Todd Sipes whose Frisco lens never falters when it comes to the epicness. So please dig, if you will, his pictures.

In Flames


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