Offspring – The Palladium – 7-31-15 Offspring – The Palladium – 7-31-15

Photos by Ben


Ed. Note: It’s been a minute since I’ve listened to The Offspring and it’s been a few minutes more since I last saw them deliver their firebrand punk revivalist sermon to a packed house at Irving Plaza (alongside Guttermouth, The Lunachicks and Uncle Joe’s Big Ol’ Driver) so you’ll forgive me for forgetting just how many irrefutable hits the band has in their cannon. I mean, seriously, the band is pretty much the sole reason good time, best party rock and roll made its slow way back to the airwaves and though we all know the band has a new album in the works and that’s cool and we can totally get behind their latest jam “Coming for You” but when you’re standing in front of the frothing thousands, you’d be a fool to do anything but put your finest flowers on display which is just what happened when El Jefe had that chance to catch the band recently. They hit peak after peak after peak, offering the audience of kids, bros, parents and adults (the band has been around, in some iteration, for over thirty years) exactly the kind of fist-up, loud mouth release they so desperately needed.

Now please dig, if you will, his pictures.

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