Of Montreal – False Priest Of Montreal – False Priest

Of Montreal - False Priest

Of Montreal - False Priest

I imagine the Beatles sounding something similar to Of Montreal if they continued into the 70s and discovered inter-Dimensional travel. To be honest, I know little of Of Montreal before “Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer?” I, like most, people were led to the band due to large critical press and overwhelming positive praise. The other people came here because of the Outback song. But for whatever reason, we stayed and enjoyed ourselves for a couple of years. We were happy, ecstatic and were allowed to be weird.

It is not usual that a band jumps onto the critical mainstream with the release of their eighth album. 2007’s “Hissing Fauna Are You the Destroyer?” for whatever reason, connected with a large audience. It’s tragic pop opus spanned a myriad of emotions and countries and allowed front man Kevin Barns present the trials and tribulations of a relationship gone horribly south. Their follow-up EP Icons Abstract Thee continued and condensed the story introducing new plot narratives to a never ending drama. Of Montreal , at that moment, was connected with the largest audience of their career. Everyone understood the drama, the feelings and the emotions. Then, the band released Skeletal Lamping

Skeletal Lamping was a frantic and experimental pop album which fell back into the abstract like one would fall into the center of a glass coffee table. I have no idea what was happening during that album and I remember little of the actual experience. Of Montreal has always been proud of their experimental roots and each album released is an uneven mixture between pop sensibilities and fuck wild insanity. Of Montreal did not loose people with the release of Skeletal Lamping, most listeners just failed to understand where they were going as they have always been moving since the early 00’s. It is a treat to finally connect with Of Montreal’s psych pop brand of free verse insanity. Hissing Fauna was largely accessible due to the subject matter which allowed many to experience Of Montreal and their angular view on the world. Other albums require more work to understand and ultimately “get.” While False Priest is far from easy it maybe a more accessible than previous and early works.

False Priest offers a mixed lot of easily accessible pop songs and inverted funk melodies which confuse little children. The albums strength lies in its ability to craft interesting and catchy melodies while flying into left field. Their obvious retreat into the R&B have allied themselves with other powerhouse singers including Art-Soul singer  Janelle Monáe. The combinations of these two forces have created an interstellar diplomacy between two artists who obviously reside in the future. Kevin Barn’s voice and overall presentation allows for some leeway when it comes to what will be tolerated. It is the same type of leniency you take when listening to Jobriath. Sure it is ridiculous, but it is also so very fun and bold.

I can understand other people’s low threshold for avant funk pop records with flamboyant cries over squelchy synths. False Priest grew on me after a bit of time scratching my head. I do not expect many to enjoy and appreciate this record. It does not come with the immediacy as Hissing Fauna or any other year ending records. There is value. Whether or not that value is rhinestone encrusted is for another article.

Of Montreal False Priest Track List:

I Feel Ya’ Strutter
Our Riotous Defects (feat. Janelle Monáe)
Coquet Coquette
Godly Intersex
Enemy Gene” (feat. Janelle Monáe)
Hydra Fancies
Like a Tourist
Sex Karma” (feat. Solange)
Girl Named Hello
Famine Affair
Casualty of You
Around the Way
You Do Mutilate?

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