Obits – Moody, Standard and Poor Obits – Moody, Standard and Poor

Obits - Moody, Standard and Poor

Obits - Moody, Standard and Poor

Hear me out.

In an era of media oversaturation we have to rely pretty heavily on first impressions in order to get our voices out before the noise. Often times, however, those impressions are dead ass wrong. We could hear a record out the gate, love the hell out of it and two months later wish slow, merciless death upon all those who dared create it. Other times we dismiss too easily. X sounds like Y. Z was better when. Our ears are tired, our minds are sore and nothing is ever as good as it was when we first discovered Nth.

I wrote Moody, Standard and Poor off on first listen as a murky sequel to I Blame You. And though I was not limited in this opinion, I was almost entirely misguided. Yes, the records sound similar. How couldn’t they? Obits operate in a sweat rock singularity that echoes the damaged leather surf of Link Wray, the effortlessly determined (and criminally underrated) rhythm and blues of The Tennessee Two and the endless possibility of Sonic Youth’s guitar interplay.

Plus Rick Froberg’s singing most of the songs and fucking NO ONE sounds like him.

Pictures of Obit’s Record Release Party w/ Tijuana Panthers and Sundelles.

Photos By Charles Nickles

So yeah, some of the songs sound the same but they don’t really. Not on further listens. It seems strange to say of a band so respectively seasoned but Obits is refining their sound. Whereas I Blame You was taut and explosive, Moody, Standard and Poor smolders and breathes. It’s a more confident affair. Unhurried but no less incendiary. Even the more propulsive tracks on the record (“You Gotta Lose”, “No Fly List”) take their time building, stewing, churning up years of well-earned dissatisfaction to spit straight in the eye of…well…who do you have in mind?

And I had to take the time to get to know it. I had to listen to it over and over again to relearn the subtlety of a guitar band playing honest rock and roll. You’d think I could just jump into the sound by now (it’s practically part of my DNA) but what Obits is doing on Moody, Standard and Poor is a step out of the blitz I’m familiar with and my expectations and need for immediacy temporarily threw me off.

This is a really goddamn good record. It’s not great, but that’s okay. Great albums appear so infrequently in this world of humorless ecclectronic masturbation and hair-mo wimp seizure that when they do show it’s as if the hand of the devil, himself rose up from hell just to punch you in the nuts.

But good’s pretty hard to find too

Obits – Moody, Standard and Poor, reviewed by Charles on 2011-05-11T14:19:28-07:00 rating 4.1 out of 5

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