Obits @ Cake Shop NYC 2-12-10 Obits @ Cake Shop NYC 2-12-10

Outside it was 20 degrees, upstairs an inviting 75. In the basement of the Cake Shop, where Obits was playing their first night of a two night engagement, it was probably over 100; oddly enough that’s just about the perfect temperature to see these guys.

Obits isn’t big on theatrics. Taking the stage in an unassuming fashion, and exiting just as casually they’re not the type of band that depends on beating you over the head to convince you of how much they rock. They let their music drive that point home.

The build up though is palpable. Every conversation in the building becomes meaningless chatter and mindless affirmations as everybody has one eye locked on the stage as Obits gets ready. Without so much as an introduction the band starts a jam out in order to tune up and get on the same page. Every single song after that continues to build until the mood was as hot as the thick recycled air. I wish I had a set list but since Obits’ list consisted of writing down every song in their repertoire, and then playing them in no discernible order I can’t help you out. In addition to several songs off of I Blame You they played at least two new songs and “One Cross Apiece” of their EP.

In a time where flavor of the weeks, and meaningless synth pop acts are regularly surrounded by unnecessary hype it’s almost cathartic when you witness the genuine article.

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