Obits – Bed & Bugs Obits – Bed & Bugs

Obits - Bed & Bugs (2013)

Obits – Bed & Bugs (2013)

Y’all need to cut it out with the whole “FML” shit.


Stop it.

Like, right fucking now.

You sound like you just lost the third leg of a round robin pissing race at the first-world white privilege games held annually at the Bret Easton Ellis coke and blowjob ranch (location unmentionable).

And don’t try and tell me you’re using the acronym ironically. Even if you “are,” you aren’t really. You still want the world to know that there’s something or someone happening somewhere that’s so egregious that, for a moment, you’d honestly consider giving your very life over to a crass and unceremonious reaming because you…what, exactly? You couldn’t deal? Really? And it was SO bad that if I got Mandingo to show up at your door with his Worth bat of a cock (where’s the “H”? WHERE’S THE “H”?!?!) you’d willingly permit him to stick every ebony inch of that remarkable thing into whatever dry hole of your existence he pleased?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

You just had a bad day is all. We all do. Shit happens. Stuff breaks. People are flakes. Nature’s a motherfucker. It’s not like anyone died, for fuck’s sake (and if you do you use “FML” in reference to the death of a loved one, so help me GAWD, I will make it my life’s mission to ruin you) so just nut up, chump. Have a beer, eat some ice cream, go jerk off and watch House reruns or…

You know what? No. Just listen to Obits.

That band has bad days locked down and they have since they first stepped out from the oft-referenced but never really REALLY fully friggin’ appreciated art punk/punk art underground vis a vis Girls Against Boys, Edsel, Drive Like Jehu, etc. with a denuded sound nodding to garage as much to surf as to world beat obscura, delivered with the subtle wink of a stone-faced assassin from some 60s British spy flick where the antihero always gets the girl but then that girl gets got good.

And they’ve kept that unnamable, no bullshit aesthetic running straight from the One Cross Apiece 7” in 2008 through their full length debut, I Blame You and three more singles and 2011’s Moody, Standard and Poor to their newest, Bed & Bugs with only minor tweaks and tinkers thrown in over their history to pepper the ears a bit.

Unfortunately, Obits’ consistency can get a little exhausting and it can take some effort to remain engaged through the entirety of B & B’s thirteen tracks. There are peaks and valleys, sure. Some songs (like the scorching “Taste the Diff”) are better than others but the whole record operates on reasonably level, if deceptively simple, playing field.

But what do you want? It’s Obits, man. The band plays rock and roll and they play it cranky and though you might not need it all the time, when you’ve had a day like I had today, Bed & Bugs will save your hide.

Bed & Bugs Tracklist:
1. Taste the Diff
2. Spun Out
3. It’s Sick
4. This Must Be Done
5. Pet Trust
6. Besetchet
7. Operation Bikini
8. Malpractice
9. This Girl’s Opinion
10. Receptor
11. I’m Closing In
12. Machines
13. Double Jeopardy (For the Third Time)

Obits - Bed & Bugs, reviewed by Charles on 2013-07-03T09:19:35-07:00 rating 3.0 out of 5

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