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Norah Jones - The Fall

Norah Jones - The Fall

Norah Jones experienced her big break from Blue Note Records in 2001 with her contemporary jazz album, Come Away With Me, and since then has sold more than 32 million albums. Several Grammys later and two more celebrated albums recorded, Jones is now releasing her fourth album, The Fall. An album produced, recorded and mixed by Jacquire King, who has worked with several other big names such as, Tom Waits and Modest Mouse. A tragically luring break-up album, The Fall is full of raw lyrics and stitched up metaphors. An album meant for lonely nights and erased affairs. In the song “Back to Manhattan” Jones sings ‘I’ll go back to Manhattan/ It’s just a train ride away/ I know nothing ’bout leaving/ but I know I should do it today.’ The same crumbling brokenness can be heard in the songs “I Wouldn’t Need You”, “Even Though”, and “Waiting”.
Norah Jones has this way of connecting to listeners, not by the way of the crying musician, but by expressing in a semi-neutral way the realities of life. As if someone is telling you over a down-and-out, broken-hearted cocktail that he or she understands. Her father, Ravi Shankar a world-renowned musician, said it best when describing his daughter, “From the first note, Norah’s voice is like gold and she touches your heart and soul instantly.” Her mellow tone and calming timbre is far from numbing, but something you can listen to and feel.
In past albums Norah Jones is known for her blues, jazz and country influences, but this new album stresses a rock and roll base unlike the rest. The guitar element being the high point of The Fall, with instrumental and songwriting collaborations from Ryan Adams, Will Sheff, Jesse Harris, Richard Julian and several others. This album takes an innovative course. Norah Jones may have made her career off of her moody piano and seemingly effortless vocals but in her new album she risks reinvention. The Fall is a musical science experiment that tries to create a specific edgier resonance to what is still solely Norah Jones. In the songs “It’s Gonna Be”, “Young Blood” and “Stuck” you can REALLY hear the electrical support and active sound coming from behind the lyrics. The Fall is Jones’ first true attempt to reconstruct her style. What will really define the direction she is going in is what will follow – her fifth album. It’s safe to say that there are some artists, such as Norah Jones, that are talented enough to test their limitations.

Track Listing:
1. Chasing Pirates
2. Even Though
3. Light As A Feather
4. Young Blood
5. I Wouldn’t Need You
6. Waiting
7. It’s Gonna Be
8. You’ve Ruined Me
9. Back To Manhattan
10. Stuck
11. December
12. Tell Yer Mama
13. Man of the Hour

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  • rowe says:

    Really dig the review. Also thanks for renewing the minor crush i have/had on Norah Jones!

  • jes! says:

    i loveeeeeee the fall my favorite song is back to manhattan