Nico Vega @ Hollywood Palladium Nico Vega @ Hollywood Palladium

You’ve gotta love a homecoming. Nico Vega in LA is just a 100% pure rock show, if it were booze it’d be the top shelf.

Like it or not when a band goes on at 8pm they are going to have to have a little something extra to win the crowd over. Luckily Nico Vega lead singer Aja Volkman understands how to rock the place like she was Bon Scott.

It’s a hell of a sign when you begin to play and people start sprinting to hear you. Nico Vega also had a good sized crowd of the hometown folks who showed up hours early to catch them. Those front row fans were rewarded during the song “Gravity” when Aja leaped into the crowd. She was immediately surrounded as hundreds of people pumped their fists and shouted the chorus, “Get up, Get up, GET UP”.

After a set that combined sex and Rock and Roll the way only Nico Vega does, the band played out to the song “Beast”, which included Aja attacking the drum kit. As the crowd roared Aja laid on the floor, with guitarist Richie straddling her, singing as she left everything on stage.

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