Orginal Video: Nico Vega – Beast Orginal Video: Nico Vega – Beast

If you haven’t yet allowed Nico Vega to assault your senses at a live show than now is as good a time as any. With a new tour just underway (dates below) there’s a good chance they’re coming to the ever-ambiguous “town near you”. If they aren’t coming within 500 miles of you (which is really the only excuse for not going to see them) than we’ve got you covered. Presenting an original live video of Nico Vega’s “Beast”,  filmed at Bar Pink in San Diego, CA…..WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!

Hold on to your face…

4 Responses about “Orginal Video: Nico Vega – Beast”

  • DerekBrad says:

    Damn great video and this is one of my favorite bands that I happen to see opening up for another band last year! Nico Vega is becoming one of my favorites! I cannot wait to check them out again next week!

  • Wanda says:

    Hey ! Great video…I seen ya’ll live at The House of Blues in New Orleans with Gavin Rossdale…AWESOME…we love ya!!!

  • Annett Chen says:

    Unbelieveable. This is true art. Just looking forward, see you guys in Europe!!!

  • dorothy says:

    my god pleze come to FLORIDA any were in the state i will go 2 see you what a song ,,,ORLANDO would be awesome