New TV On The Radio Song & Video –  Announce Live EP New TV On The Radio Song & Video – Announce Live EP

TV On The Radio – “Second Song”

For the past several months I have been keeping a little secret to myself that I’ve been holding on to because I didn’t want to be a starfucking, name-dropping, “that guy”; but I stood next to the TV On The Radio guy (you know which one), at the Kanye West show at SXSW. Literally, shoulder-to-shoulder, next to and it was stomach-butterflies awesome. I was completely star struck. Such a weird, mixed, disarming feeling. I didn’t want to leave to get a free(!) beer for fear of losing my spot next to the TV On The Radio guy, but also burned many many calories trying not look at him, while not making it seem like I was trying NOT to look at him. I had no plan, but my insides were grinning smugly. And then, just before Kanye’s opening act took the stage (Mos Def, fuck you), the two guys from that show “Community” walked up and gave the TV On The Radio guy a bro-hug. I felt so cool and immediately started thinking of the perfect time to tell the world about what had taken place right here next to me in Austin, Texas. And here, six months later, my time has come. I saw Puff Daddy too.

TV On The Radio will release their live EP, World Cafe Live, available everywhere September 6th on CD, 12” Vinyl and Digital Download.

Track Listing:

1. Caffeinated Consciousness
2. Will Do
3. Red Dress
4. Province (CD and 12” vinyl only)
5. Repetition

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