New Mexico – Have You Met My Friend? New Mexico – Have You Met My Friend?

New Mexico - Have You Met My Friend?

New Mexico - Have You Met My Friend?

Steve McQueen, that’s all I’m thinking. Bullitt. Badass. AMERICA! A man. A gun. A car. A cause. Rock and fucking roll.

That’s New Mexico.

And I like it.

I suppose that’s no surprise, really. I am a man born of chords, sweat, booze and the truth. So when I have the strange chance to hear a band that speaks the language of my youth you can bet your soft scarred ass I’m going to do my best to share it with you.

Please don’t read this wrong, though.

New Mexico aren’t amp monkeys. They don’t turn it up and spit Bon Scott sex swag hoping their homage can amass those coveted denim points (though I have yet to see a good state logo riding the back of a Road King). They’re something different. They’re desert.

Arid. Dry. Tense.


That’s Steve. A lady’s man, to be sure, but still an outsider through and through. A fucking antihero. A renegade in a hell of a ride. He fought the good fight, living and dying by the sunshine.

Maybe not the same one sleeping over San Diego where New Mexico resides but close enough for those cowboy killers to fuel on his stone irreverence. To let his smirk bleed into every jam they kick out to burn the old surf city sound.

Have You Met My Friend is full blast and effortless, to be played as a soundtrack to a white Dodge Charger on the run from Johnny Law. One hand, hard on the steering wheel, the other feeling up Ali MacGraw.

Full 12 min New Mexico Video – Case Closed & Bad Advice:
New Mexico – Case Closed:
New Mexico – Bad Advice:
Video Credits:
Produced By: Eric Hoffman / Charles Nickles / Pinpoint Music
Shot By: Mike Bozzo / Fred Brehm
Edited & Mixed By: Eric Hoffman
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