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New Mexico

New Mexico

Good luck finding the band New Mexico through Google; go ahead we’ll wait. Don’t be dissuaded though sometimes you have to scratch below the surface to find the real stuff out there. Though you might want to get aboard with these guys early as New Mexico isn’t exactly flying below the radar. Currently nominated for Best Alternative Music in San Diego and recently playing a showcase put on by one of Pinpoint’s favorite blogs Aquarium Drunkard, these guys are coming on quick.

This 3 piece, formally a 4 piece called Apes of Wrath, bleeds across genres like a hemophiliac. Depending on the song you might hear notes of classic Devo, Dick Dale, Agent Orange, or Elvis Costello. Regardless of the influences these guys don’t wear them enough to blend in to monotony.  Coming off their debut release earlier in 2010, titled after the old band Apes of Wrath (buy on iTunes), New Mexico is already back in the studio.

While on a tour that stopped by Cake Shop in New York we kidnapped the guys, and drummer Dustin Elliott’s shirt, and brought them into the studios of NYC’s premiere audio postproduction company AudioEngine for an exclusive session. Please enjoy a 12 minutes of New Mexico performing “Case Closed” and “Bad Advice”, split up into smaller parts for our ADD viewers.

Make sure to download “Case Closed” for free!!!!

Full 12 min New Mexico Video – Case Closed & Bad Advice:

New Mexico – Case Closed:

New Mexico – Bad Advice:

Make sure to download “Case Closed” for free!!!!
iTunes –

Produced By: Eric Hoffman / Charles Nickles / Pinpoint Music
Shot By: Mike Bozzo / Fred Brehm
Edited & Mixed By: Eric Hoffman

2 Responses about “New Mexico – Video and Interview”

  • newton says:

    Me likey, you guys are great!!! Now about the name: what about Harold and Kumar/shirtless drummer guy? Jake is actually caucASIAN. That may be too long. What about Old Mexican chicken wrangler? You guys are like a mix of Devo and the fat boys!!! good luck guys

  • Wedsie says:

    Beautiful image quality, awesome sound quality, informative interview…well done, boys! Well done indeed!
    Oh yeah, the band is sick, too. Methinks that the keywords ‘new mexico’ will procure quite different Google results in the near future.