Neurosis / Brothers of the Sonic Cloth / SUMAC @ Warsaw (BK) – 8.9.15 Neurosis / Brothers of the Sonic Cloth / SUMAC @ Warsaw (BK) – 8.9.15


Ed. Note: Four hours of metal is a lot of hours of metal especially when the fours hours of metal in question is of the cryptic volcano variety which it was last Sunday in Brooklyn (of course) when the watershed monolith that is Neurosis rolled like a dying leviathan through The Polish National Home in “celebration” of their 30 years amassed in tribute to sonic upheaval. They brought fellow aural beasts, SUMAC and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth along with them. All info on the triumvirate and photos below. Rockit.


I used to hate ISIS for sounding like Neurosis but then, for some reason, I didn’t. I know the change of heart came when I saw them open for Coalesce at CBGBs but I can’t – for the life of me – recall just what happened in their set that flipped me from snide to wide-eyed. Maybe it was losing half my lip. Whatever the case, with time and distance, I’ve really grown to appreciate Aaron Turner’s legacy of torrential tormentor art and so you’re goddamn right I’ve been stoked on SUMAC since the band dropped anchor with Profound Lore and released the titanic screw tape that is The Deal earlier this year.

This was the first time I’ve had the chance to see them play and I’m not at all embarrassed to say that they were so fucking good and so fucking LOUD that I may have actually pissed my pants a little bit in total awe and fretful worship. I mean, Jesus. Aaron Turner is a BEAST! The rhythm section is totally merciless and meaty and I would’ve gladly bought them pierogies if I weren’t so certain they’d rather gnaw on my bones instead but that man…that goddamn MAN! is like a lupine wind of cold ghosts and unrequited fury and I’m sorry I can’t go into more greater hyperbolic tantrums about them but they were SO just what I needed to remember my self as a survival instinct that to bloviate would be counterrevolutionary.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

Holy SHIT! IT’S TAD! HI, TAD! Remember Tad? He was that big motherfucker who got lost in the grunge fold that almost swallowed a decade whole. You might remember him from such promo shots as that one with the scary dude with a chainsaw or perhaps from such deliriously genius Sub Pop wax suicide attempts as the split 7″ that sees Tad covering “Damaged I” and Pussy Galore covering “Damaged II” because FUCK YOU!

But yeah, it’s Tad all right and he’s got a whole new smoldering vault of teeth-crunching unfun called Brothers of the Sonic Cloth who play up the punishment doom with a noisy patience somewhere between the junk nightmare of Eyehategod and an old copy of Stoner Witch melting in the tape deck of your Ford Festiva as it burns rightly and brilliant on the savage outlands of Topeka.


Oh, man. Yeah. Neurosis. I don’t mean to be flippant here but I have nothing fresh to say about this Bay Area maelstrom. In the early 90s they grew tired of punk RAWK! and so they shifted themselves to the unknowable epic and, in so doing, invented a whole new sound that’s now commonly referred to as “post-metal.” Yes, the moniker is absurd but its adherents are vast and astounding and to experience the band’s full-frontal force live is to understand why Ken Russell’s asylum girl kept murmuring to the cracks in her Lithium sky, “I feel…as if my heart is being touched by Christ.”

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