Nas and Damian Marley – Distant Relatives Nas and Damian Marley – Distant Relatives

Nas and Damian Marley - Distant Relatives

In life, some seemingly unlikely combinations just make sense. That first time someone told you to pour orange juice in your 40 oz after drinking to the top of the label, or when someone introduced you to dipping your french fries in your chocolate shake at Wendy’s – shit just made sense. It doesn’t matter why the thought of putting Siracha on, well, everything, hadn’t crossed your mind – the point is, it just makes sense. And its all good. It’s now 2010, and you’re however the fuck old you are, and you can now add Nas and Damian Marley to the list of combos that make too much sense.

When it was revealed that these two were working on something together, every single person who gave half a shit thought “well that makes sense”, and kinda assumed it would be hot. And they were right.

Naturally, Distant Relatives came with a decent amount of hype; and whether you chose to buy into the hype or not, Distant Relatives delivers from start to finish. This album doesn’t quit.  There’s no surprises, no gimmicks, other than what was advertised; just good music. Dancefloor-friendly tunes with an inspired, rejuvenated Nas, backed by powerful performances from Damian Marley and friends like K’naan, Stephen Marley, Weezy and Joss Stone. Shit, I don’t even know how to critique this thing.  Not only is Distant Relatives good for a start-to-finish listen, there are songs on it that are instantly recognizable as tracks you’re gonna wanna throw on in your whatever-mixes, or if you’re just skipping around your library playing DJ iTunes.

Now, I hate to sound like I’m slurping something too hard, so to keep my obvious hard-on in check, there is a such thing as a reggae threshold, and Distant Relatives does test those limits. There are tendencies of sounds-the-same’sies, so you may want to treat Distant Relatives like that friend who gets old quick. Limit your time with it, it’ll be better for the relationship in the long run.

For an album packed with “message” and feel-good tracks, Distant Relatives never forgets that we’re gonna wanna throw this on at parties and hold our drinks up or pass one around.

Track List:
1. As We Enter
2. Tribes At War (Feat. K’naan)
3. Strong Will Continue
4. Leaders (Feat. Stephen Marley)
5. Friends
6. Count Your Blessings
7. Dispear
8. Land Of Promise
9. In His Own Words (Feat. Stephen Marley)
10. Nah Mean
11. Patience
12. My Generation (Feat. Lil’ Wayne, Joss Stone)
13. Africa Must Wake Up (Feat. K’naan)

Nas and Damian Marley - Distant Relatives, reviewed by Delicious on 2010-06-17T08:00:48-07:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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