Mutation – Error 500 Mutation – Error 500

Mutation - Error 500 (2013)

Mutation – Error 500 (2013)

The Wildhearts never really made it over here in America and that’s a cocksucker of a shame as their penchant for synaptic damage and tumble sex licks were exactly the sort of thing that our miscreant little stain of a nation rested our foundation in.

Oh well. Looks like we lost another grift in the long con with the Brits which is all well and fine because for the time being – and for all intents and purposes – The Wildhearts are dead and their legacy as maximal rock and roll agitators might just be something better considered in the bullet-riddled mirror of a Rambler screaming off a cocaine pier and into the maw of oblivion.

I’m sure Ginger Wildheart would agree. As the man that helmed the aesthetic (both sonic and somatic) of the band, I’m sure he’s glad they died so he didn’t have to. Good for him, then because in continuing to live, he’s been afforded the opportunity to move on into his role as the axe-slung, bitter slur and well-worn (albeit loveable) no goodnick responsible for the agitated pop of Hey! Hello! as well as some acoustic (momentary) madness called “Guitarmaggedon” and, of course, his own staggeringly prolific solo career.

555 anyone?

Ed. Note: Wait. Wait. Was “Guitarmaggedon” a Home Movies reference? How the fuck did Charles miss that?

Also, Mutation.

Akin to Pigface (in her glory years), Mutation is more project than band featuring a litany of aggrieved luminaries from Shane Enbury to Mark E. Smith to motherfucking Merzbow (among many others) and, on Error 500, the collective churns out a brand of easy extremes that relies heavily on Ginger’s yen for melodies (even when he’s off coarse belting) and riff qua riff wink chicanery while interjecting enough blast beats, noise and harmonic plaster cracking absurdity to separate itself from a vain anger management project

It’s quite fun, really and really very 90s in the crystal clear production and pop/RAAAR! dichotomy that most kids hip to Ginge (can I call him that?) won’t mind but fans of often unlistenable aural endeavors and the blackest black of bleak black blackness will find repugnant because they are broken. This is heavy for people who wish Metallica still rolled with Mustaine and drank Bay Area style (but sounded better with cybernetics), who have gym playlists that feature Motorhead, Marilyn Manson and Nicky Minaj and who have no desire to be any more mad at the world than they already are but sure do play a mean happy hour air guitar…

…and also, somehow, have a real decent tolerance for Mr. Bungle’s skronky math circus and the endlessly titillating ire of The Fall.

Error 500 Tracklist:

01 – Bracken
02 – Utopia Syndrome
03 – White Leg
04 – Protein
05 – Mutations
06 – Computer, This Is Not What I…
07 – Sun Of White Leg
08 – Relentless Confliction
09 – Innocents In Morte
10 – Benzo Fury

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