Mosco Rosco – The Satellite 4-14-14 Mosco Rosco – The Satellite 4-14-14


I’m often accused of not being into dance music. Not True! I love to dance! It’s just that so much so called dance music put out today is regurgitated boardwalk caricatures of masters like New Order, Blondie and The Smiths that it leaves me wondering where the innovators are.

Mosco Rosco to the rescue

The LA band who used to be named Harper Blynn until recently is in the midst of their April residency at The Satellite and they are bringing to the table what I’ve sorely been missing. Their finely crafted rock tunes with fists full of pop and new wave stand out against a backdrop of bands trying to do the same. The differentiator is simple, pacing and finesse. Any good artist understands that whitespace is often more important than anything else on the canvas and Mosco Rosco brings this ability to recognize how an impeccable use of measure in each and every song can provide deep contrast. When they are firing off the big guns, or Mosco Rosco’s case a handful of discoballs, it’s comes off as a totally earned crescendo rather than a gimmic. So yeah I love to dance, when guys like this who know how to make rock dancy are the wardens.

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