Mogwai – Live @ The Grand Ballroom, San Francisco Mogwai – Live @ The Grand Ballroom, San Francisco

Mogwai couldn’t have chosen a better day to play the last U.S. show of this tour. The city was on display in all its San Fran-physco glory as earlier this Sunday laws ceased to exist as the annual race/parade of Bay to Breakers took place. An abnormally hot 85 degrees in the city everyone at The Grand Ballroom was ready to relax and take in a predictably incredible show.

The set list featured a good amount of Mogwai’s material off their newest release, The Hawk is Howling. Mogwai ended the show with a little bit of nostalgia and finished with three straight songs off of the 2006 release Mr. Beast (what I can’t feel nostalgic about 2006)?

For those who haven’t gotten the chance to see this group live it is one of the last pure rock experiences available; music you can feel permeate through your body.

Mogwai’s set list 5-17-09:
I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead
Scotland’s Shame
I Know You Are But What Am I?
Small Children in the Background
Hunted By A Freak
Auto Rock
You Don’t Know Jesus
Thank You Space Expert
We’re No Here
Friend Of The Night
Glasgow Mega-Snake
Encore:My Father My King

4 Responses about “Mogwai – Live @ The Grand Ballroom, San Francisco”

  • Mike says:

    Maybe I was standing too close to the stage, but the sound quality didn’t seem very good. Very hard to hear the melodies on some of the songs. Summer was amazing. Loved the encore too. Extra points to Dominic for wrecking his bass on Summer and to Barry for blowing up an amp on the intro to We’re No Here.

  • Soren says:

    Did you not stay for the encore? The last song was “My Father My King”. Cheers!

  • Big Ben says:

    @Soren I was there for the whole show. The encore wasn’t on the setlist and I couldn’t remember it. Nice catch

    @Mike – This is about the forth time I’ve seen Mogwai. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence, but their best show was an open air one. I guess the acoustics in closed ball room type venues don’t lend themselves to that much distortion; this was the case at The Fillmore too.

  • Mike says:

    It was still pretty awesome. I never appreciated how much of their sound comes from Dominic’s bass, and how distorted it was. Also some of the moments made my hair stand on end, like when the droning feedback guitar comes fading in during the intro to I’m Jim Morrison…
    I won’t miss their next show out here.