Mister Heavenly – Out Of Love Mister Heavenly – Out Of Love

Mister Heavenly - Out Of Love

Before I write this I must give my longwinded speech regarding supergroups. For all its potentials and intents, supergroups usually fall into the mediocre pile of mediocrity. The reason for this occurrence lies in the general creative nature of supergroups leading to a neutralization of one, most or all of the band member’s talents. Supergroups usually pull the most valuable and creative resource from an entity and place them next to an equal power. What was intended to be like a team of superheroes usually turns into a lot of hype, easy to write review intros and a mediocre album which never reaches its full potential. Then again, the potential is usually so massive, it is unachievable. Now, of course, I say all of that but when hearing about Mister Heavenly, a meetup of Man Man, Islands and Modest Mouse, I become a pile of emotional mid 00’s indie mush.

The role call for Mister Heavenly includes Nick Thornburn, lead singer for Islands( formally The Unicorns) Honus Honus of Man Man and current drummer of Modest Mouse Joe Plummer who also had tenure in The Black Heat Procession. Holy Shit. Man Man has recently been of interest with their 2011 achievement Life Fantastic (which will most likely make it to the end of the year lists). Islands has not done anything since their odd yet convincing Vapors release in 2009 and as for Modest Mouse, well, who the fuck know where they have been or what they are doing? This collaboration of high profile indie musicians has come as a surprise and a complete delight for older fans, not because of previous work but because Out Of Love, while not amazing is still pretty damn pleasing nonetheless.

Mister Heavenly works because each of the members assumes a role. Man Man’s Honus Honus takes the masculine vocal role while Island’s Nick Diamonds frail voice takes the counterpoint. The vocal conversation between two singers is only apart of the strengths with the other lying in the chemical makeup of the album. Creatively, Mister Heavenly is sympathetic to each others influences and successfully nurtures each others love for indie rock, motown, surf and doo-wop. If you enjoy light, optimistic and off kilter indie rock with synthesizes pre-60’s American music, then I would be hard pressed to find a more perfect August record.

The announcement for Mister Heavenly came with the single “Pineapple Girl” as well as new blurbs regarding actor Michael Cera playing bass for the band. All of this is true and all added to the band’s flashy entrance. “Pineapple Girl,” while barely reaching the 2 minute mark, spoke of possibilities where Honus Honus, Joe Plummer and Nick Diamonds all shared an apartment together and had kooky adventures involving early R&B records. Out of Love, while only 36 minutes is delightful, wonderful and goddamn darling.

At times, Out Of Love feels like afterburn from Man Man’s Life Fantastic as well as the best thing Nick Diamonds has done since 2005’s Return to Sea. Songs like “Harm You,” “I Am a Hologram” and the albums grand finale “Your Girl” have a character about them which makes you wish and hope for 2005 once again. The group has self described themselves as doom wop which also shares a name with a noisy interlude. While Mister Heavenly has a bit to learn about the intricacies of doom metal, it is still, for that song, pretty close. If I were to give a genre for Out Of Love it would fall into a complex Venn diagram of at least 5 different sources and come with the soundtrack of me squealing like an uncontrollable fan. Sure it doesn’t live up to its potential. Sure there are times when it feels like the members are giving 75 rather than 100%. Sure if this album fails then members will scamper back to their established camps. Sure I should stop fanning myself between screams but still — its still pretty damn pleasing nonetheless.


1. Bronx Sniper
2. I Am a Hologram
3. Charlyne
4. Mister Heavenly
5. Harm You
6. Reggae Pie
7. Pineapple Girl
8. Diddy Eyes
9. Hold My Hand
10. Doom Wop
11. Your Girl
12. Wise Men

Mister Heavenly - Out Of Love, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2011-08-25T10:16:23-07:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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