Minus The Bear – Live @ The Belly Up – Nov 2 Minus The Bear – Live @ The Belly Up – Nov 2

I needed a day off from guitarists who squeeze into tight black jeans. From lead singers wearing clever, size-too-small, t-shirts that I don’t understand. From drummers who look like their last hair cut was collaboration between Robert Smith and Flock of Seagulls lead Mike Score. More over, I needed a break from extremely forgettable synth-indie-rock-pop-noise-bullshit that all sounds exactly the same. I needed a break from all of that so I could remember why I love music that pushes boundaries; why I love music that is outstandingly technical without compromising the simple pleasures of sounding good. Addition by subtraction – Minus The Bear.

Minus the Bear played Nov 2nd at the Belly Up, San Diego. I regularly frequent the Belly Up and it was the most packed I had seen the venue in 4 months. The crowd was sprinkled with grunge throwback rockers, hipster tweens, SDSU frat ass-clowns, lost WASP couples, and twenty something’s that knew rocking til’ 2am was going to be bad for their 9-5. Being the eternal cynic, and never having never seen Minus The Bear live, I was summarily waiting to be underwhelmed. Well, they rocked it.

I can’t explain why, but when I listen to some of the earlier things Minus The Bear released; their discography is almost a decade deep, the first thing that came to mind was Mud Honey. Expansive rock that, when focused, would be tight, collected and magical. There is no doubt in my mind that a band defines itself through its evolution. I’m not talking about descending into experimental, unrewarding, auditory wankery just for the sake of change (We’re looking at you Mars Volta), but honest organic growth. Minus The Bear is the text book example of what happens when good musicians continue to push their limits while honoring their foundations.

Everyone at the show was absorbed in the moment and by the time the show was over it was nearly as full up as when it started. Minus The Bear’s performance left me feeling so fulfilled that when the show was out I ran to the bar and bought some nasty overpriced Tequila just so I had something to winge about.

Dr. L’Ling
Into The Mirror
Ice Monster
Broken China
New Song???
The Fix

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  • rowe says:

    The percentage of beards in this band is WAY too high to be called MINUS the bear. solid pix though, really dig the ‘from above’ angles.