Mimas – Lifejackets Mimas – Lifejackets

Mimas - Life Jackets

Lifejackets fills the void between Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust (anyone not from Iceland know how to pronounce that?) and Fang Island. It borrows something from Ecstatic Sunshine’s dude noodles and Neutral Milk Hotel’s banding of a thousand instruments. It’s fun. It’s thoughtful. It’s weird. It’s a word play, a puzzle – perhaps a battle with the language, perhaps a transcendence of the Americanized yokels two-stepping the queen’s tongue.

Perhaps it’s jazz.

No. Maybe?

But jazz doesn’t smile.

And Lifejackets is grinning ear-to-ear from “Application” to “Relationships”. It wriggles like a little boy in a bear suit playing king of the mountain with his brand new puppy and his mom’s baking his favorite pie and his dad’s an astronaut and he lives in some far off country where there are double rainbows every day and everybody’s just fine, all the time.

I mean, that place might exist, right? Perhaps it’s filled with gnomes and elves and talking squirrels and a great newt mayor whose amphibian wisdom’s put an end to all avarice and when strangers, like us, arrive we’re suspect of all the Technicolor wonder but we all fall in pretty soon. We learn to live and love as they do.

Only we dress like bunnies for some reason.

1. Application
2. La Moustache Formidable
3. Manflu
4. Sodapop Stalkers
5. Rotting Rodents
6. Vader In Burgos
7. Smom
8. Touring The Riot Scene
9. Relationship

Mimas - Lifejackets, reviewed by Charles on 2011-02-07T11:57:17-08:00 rating 4.5 out of 5

2 Responses about “Mimas – Lifejackets”

  • Ben says:

    Man I’m having trouble getting through this one. You ever listen to Ancient Greeks – “This Song is You”? The music is somewhat similar in that Jazz infused baseline and tin sounding 6 string but the voice of
    the Mimas lead singer feels like a angry gerbil attacking soft spots of my brain.