Metric – Codeine Velvet Club – Nico Vega @ Hollywood Palladium Metric – Codeine Velvet Club – Nico Vega @ Hollywood Palladium

Every time I set foot in the Palladium I can feel a little extra adrenaline coursing through my body. It’s like the 60 years worth of legendary shows are collectively in the air for anyone to grab onto; a rock aura all its own.  Combine that energy with three bands whose powerful women leads could easily electrify the most drab of venues, and I knew I’d be in for a memorable evening.

Saying Emily Haines has range is doing her a disservice. Her work with Broken Social Scene is iconic. Her solo projects are raw yet subtly powerful.  Then there’s Metric, as far as I can tell this is Haines chance to get out some unadulterated Rock. Beauty and power are a high octane mix. After about 30 minutes of Emily sprinting from corner to corner of the stage you start to realize she might be a femme fatale; like Honey Ryder from the old Bond movies.

By the end of the evening the entire place was in a fever pitch. Then as the crowd poured out on Sunset and Vine you realize the night had just begun.

Metric – Set List
Hollywood Palladium March 26th, 2010

  • Twilight Galaxy
  • Satellite Mind
  • Front Row
  • Help I’m Alive
  • Empty
  • Collect Call
  • Gold Guns Girls
  • Gimme Sympathy
  • Sick Muse
  • Dead Disco
  • Stadium Love
  • Encore:

  • Monster Hospital
  • Combat Baby (acoustic)
  • Metric
    Photos: Big Ben & Bootsie
    Codeine Velvet Club
    Photos: Bootsie

    Nico Vega
    Photos: Big Ben & Bootsie


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