Metallica – Six Feet Down Under EP Metallica – Six Feet Down Under EP

Metallica - Six Feet Down Under EP

Metallica - Six Feet Down Under EP

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If you’re Metallica, you do not have to give a reason for doing anything. If you want to release an album trying to reignite the intensity of older albums, you do it. If you want to hold nationwide contests to replace departed band members; no one is going to stop you. If you want to release an overwrought documentary further separating your tried and true fans from the new ones; you don’t even ask please. And finally if you want to release an EP consisting of live recordings and unreleased bootlegs; well then move out of the fucking way. Following on the heels of Death Magnetic comes the very unsurprising and strictly business crafted Six Feet Down Under EP.

Celebrating their vacation tour to Australia, Metallica and Universal Music decided to throw together live tracks from each of their past Australian tours. It is hard to imagine Metallica doing anything because they want to. While the idea seems whimsical and off the cuff, the timing between Death Magnetic and this EP is perfectly planned to keep interest without really putting forward any effort. This EP is also secondary to the larger “Big 4” concert recording which is being released in a few months. The obvious greedy decision to throw something out in the waters or “whet the audience’s appetite” is transparent and makes me want to punch puppies in the face.

The EP is crafted to appeal to Metallica fans of all eras. Front loading the EP are two 1989 live tracks from the “…And Justice For All” Tour. Then the listener is blessed with two “Black Album” live tracks and two uninteresting selections from the “Load” and “Reload” era of Metallica; which will be known in the annals of history as the “plague years” for Metallica. The EP ends with a cut from “St Anger” and a shallow and slightly interesting 2004 performance of Fight Fire With Fire. The deflated song selections are quite possibly the best part of this EP as the actual recording of these songs are so bad; it almost makes me want to travel back in time and murder Metallica.

The obvious boardroom decision to release unmixed bootleg recordings is an insult to the audience and anyone else who holds any sort of interest in Metallica or music in general. Live recordings are a way to showcase the unique intensity which only a concert can produce. Releasing shitty crowd recordings of Metallica concerts shows someone has lost connection with the fans and logic across the board. If someone is paying for concert recordings, they expect a certain level of quality. Bootlegs are free or traded for a reason. Since Metallica has put themselves out there as anti-file sharing, then the decision to make their fans pay for something which naturally comes for free or a marginal cost is outright insane when the quality is so low.

Metallica’s website made this statement in regards to the Six Feet Down Under EP

“Be gentle with us . . . a few of these songs are, well, we’ll say “rough,” which may be an understatement!! They do, however, capture the live moments and hopefully you’ll have as much fun listening as we did playing on those nights”

Are you fucking kidding me. Be gentle with you? You’re Metallica not some kid who sucks at art and tries to draw a dog. Being one of the innovators of Thrash Metal bestows upon you certain responsibilities; namely the right to own up to your shit when you make people pay 16 dollars for it.

Metallica has gone under lots of scrutiny in the past 15 years. I would say it is difficult to fault the band for their decisions but that would be too objective of me. Fuck this EP. Every bad decision Metallica makes forces me to cut back on their catalog. They are in danger of losing “..And Justice For All” as a credible album. Next is “Master Of Puppets.” Keep it up Metallica. I swear to God, all I’ll listen to is the “Whiplash” single and half of “Kill Em All.”
Go ahead fucking call my bluff.

Metallica – Six Feet Down Under Tracklist:
Eye of the Beholder
…And Justice For All
Through the Never
The Unforgiven
Low Man’s Lyric (Acoustic)
Devil’s Dance
Fight Fire With Fire

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