Melt Banana – Fetch Melt Banana – Fetch

Melt Banana - Fetch (2013)

Melt Banana – Fetch (2013)

Because I am ignorant and made optimistic by years wasted in dark corners of the internet, I imagine that Japan is a place built on raw fish, synesthetic epilepsy and squeaky schoolgirl robots who trade sex for lasers and will – one day – lay waste to us all.

I mean I know that’s probably a totally terrible assessment of a nation but a boy can rest safely in his uncanny valley sex apocalypse nightmares from time to time now, can’t he?

What I mean to say is that when I close my eyes and find my cracked mindplate flipping Japanese it really feels like the future is NOW and the manic pop Minotaur raring at the heart of Melt Banana’s latest effort, Fetch does absolutely nothing to dissuade that.

True, the record lacks some of the disorienting charm and chirping rumble mint schizophrenia that pock-marked so much of their earlier work and turned each one of their NYC shows into a bloodletting fashion frenzy of mustachioed fist fights and drunk spider death flights but that’s fine because the longer Melt Banana’s played, the better they’ve understood that the value of their assault lies less in the shock and grind tumult and more in the melodious overtones of their spastic rock and roll free-wheeled and fucked Western musical deconstruction.

And that guitar, man. That fucking guitar.

Science Fiction friction at its finest, riding the interference patterns of light and sound to find a new wormhole for the senses while the vocals (once barked, yelped and banged) allow themselves to swell out into verifiable song and a new yen for electronics replaces the drum and bass duties of man (and one badass little woman) with ease without forsaking the prospect of human combustion.

It’s all pretty genius, really. At times, it’s even pretty.

Fetch Tracklist:
01 – Candy Gun
02 – The Hive
03 – Vertigo Game
04 – Left Dog (Run, Caper, Run)
05 – Infection Defective
06 – My Missing Link
07 – Zero+
08 – Schemes Of The Tails
09 – Lie Lied Lies
10 – Red Data, Red Stage
11 – Then Red Eyed
12 – Zero

Melt Banana - Fetch, reviewed by Charles on 2013-10-14T08:06:29-07:00 rating 4.1 out of 5

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