Meiko – Live @ The Viper Room – Video Interview Meiko – Live @ The Viper Room – Video Interview

Singer/songwriter Meiko recently played an exclusive show at The Viper Room in Hollywood. The event was put on by Raise Up Music and, despite being relatively un-advertised, garnered significant attention from local crowds and generated serious buzz around Sunset Boulevard. Matt Weddle (Pinpoint Music editor) and Dean Raissen (Raise Up Music founder) caught up with the up-and-coming guitarista for an interview over some beers on the roof of the Viper Room.

MW: What was your original inspiration to start playing music.

Meiko:: Well, my dad was a singer/songwriter/guitar player so I grew up around that and that was definitely the number one most inspiring to me. When I was thirteen I asked him to get me a guitar, so he did and started teaching me chords and stuff and I pretty much started writing songs instantly.

MW: What were some of your musical influences growing up?

Meiko:: I grew up in Roberta, Georgia, so I was around a lot of classic rock and early 90’s R&B, fun stuff! But I started playing guitar and I started getting into Edie Brickell, The Cranberries, Portishead and started learning their songs on the guitar…. so I guess you could say those were some of the bands that influenced me.

DR: What bands do you listen to right now?

Meiko:: I really like this band in San Francisco, they’re called Loquat, they’re really really awesome. There’s another girl from L.A., her name’s Lex Land, amazing singer songwriter. I used to wait tables at this place called The Hotel Café, which is a music venue in L.A., so that’s kinda’ how I got introduced to a lot of new music.

MW: So when did you decide to make music your career.

Meiko:: Well I guess you could say it was pretty quick after I moved to L.A. I didn’t really come to L.A. to try and become anything, I just wanted to see something new. But once I was here I started seeing lots of live bands and realized that they were just normal people like me and thought ‘If they can do it, why can’t I?’, so I started playing open mic nights. Just being in L.A. and around all kinds of creative people I guess you could say has been the biggest inspiration to me as a performer.

DR: How do you feel about moving to L.A. from Georgia?

Meiko:: This town is just based on meeting random people at all times. I feel like I’ve been really lucky and, of course, I wouldn’t have met those people in Roberta, Georgia…which is population 800!

MW: So how do you like life on the road?

Meiko:: Life is very exciting for me on the road. I always wanted to travel as a kid, I never really got out of Georgia. So when I moved to L.A. and realized that it was a possibility to travel and play music in different towns I was all about it. People always ask me ‘Don’t you get tired of traveling so much and touring?’ and I never do! I really, really love it. I love new towns and new crowds and new… sushi places! (Laughing) I’m in love with touring.

DR: What is your favorite venue that you’ve played?

Meiko:: My favorite place to play is this venue in Chicago called Park West. It’s got the greatest sound system ever and it’s just a really cool, vibey place. I’ve probably played there about 5 times and it’s always the same people…so it’s nice to have familiar faces when you’re on the road.

MW: What venue do you most aspire to – ?

Meiko:: – Madison Square Garden.

MW: Why’s that?

Meiko:: (sarcastically) Uh…because it’s legendary. I don’t know, it’s pretty much just the greatest place that anyone could ever possibly play.

DR: How would you describe your fan base?

Meiko:: (to her manager) This one’s for you, Mike! Um. My fans can be anyone from college kids to soccer moms…and some dudes. I guess college kids can be dudes. I have alotta’ chick fans (giggles).

MW: If you could say anything to your fans what would it be?

Meiko:: Stay in school. Don’t do drugs. Eat your vegetables.

At that we all swigged the last of our beers, took one last look across Sunset Boulevard as sun was setting, quite appropriately, and climbed down the rickety ladder on the back of The Viper Room to let the southern belle go and indulge her swooning fans.

The show was…well, why don’t you check out the video and decide for yourself.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! Awesome video! Since when do you guys do music videos?!

  • Big Ben says:

    @ anon 8:48 – We’ll be doing videos as regularly as we can. Right now its all about who we’ve got access to. Glad you liked it.