McHank’s Column #7 – Eventually McHank Starts Talking About Music Videos, Really McHank’s Column #7 – Eventually McHank Starts Talking About Music Videos, Really

I started to write a couple of columns but I just wasn’t getting them right. I was gonna talk about Super bands—you know, Superchunk, Superdrag, Supergrass, Supertramp—and on and on with that. But that’s been done to death. I don’t know if I could sit here and contribute something that is worth your while (but if you don’t listen to any of those four—you’re blowing it.).

Then I was gonna write about my favorite albums, but that list got long, and as much as I want you to, you’re probably not gonna go out and grab the ones you haven’t heard of. Well, maybe you are. I don’t know you, I mean maybe I do know you, but if I do, I’ve probably been making you mix tapes and CDs since the dawn of the 90’s, so you’re probably aware that these are some of my essential bands: Fugazi, Inch, Smile, Bad Brains, Drive Like Jehu, Braid, Thingy, The Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Death, Smoking Popes, Failure, Stevie Wonder, Sloe, Jawbox, Jawbreaker, Lagwagon, The Sess, Hot Snakes, Heavy Vegetable, Menomena, Sunny Day Real Estate… See, it’s long, and your interest is either waning or you haven’t read this far and I can say whatever I want to say. Actually, that hasn’t really been a problem. I can say whatever I want to say. I have a friend that for some reason, we have texted each other the phrase “Titty Dicknuts” to each other since we first got cell phones. I don’t remember which of us came up with it and I can only guess at what it means, but god damn it, now I’m not talking about music. See what you made me do? Shit.

So okay, for those of you that are still with me, or that one of you that’s still with me, as that might be more accurate, you’re probably wondering what the hell I AM going to write about.

Music Videos. You know, much has been made about the decline of MTV, pretty much since MTV debuted, but I’m old enough to remember when MTV did play music. The way I remember it, there was a lot more of waiting around for them to play a video by a band you like than there was them playing whatever insipid crap was ruling the airwaves. I understand, they were in the business of making money.

Well, despite the overwhelming truth that MTV no longer plays music videos, that’s never stopped them from being made. I have even made a few, which you can find by googling, and I’m not trying to promote them as any great masterpieces, but I happen to love music and they are fun to make.

Some GREAT music videos are being made, and some of them have a budget, most of them don’t, but the thing they seem to have in common is their creativity. I love music videos. I love that YouTube is around in my lifetime. Because I know I’m more likely to give a band a chance if their video has my attention. I encourage you, if you’re in a band, or you know a band, to make a music video. Really. It’s never been easier. I filmed the last three music videos I made using my iPhone and edited them with iMovie. I’m sure anybody can do as well as I can, if not better. Even if you can’t, you’ll have a good time.

So, I’m just going to post a few of my favorites, and hope that you like them too.

Menomena – Evil Bee from City Slang on Vimeo.

Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer from Luke Norby on Vimeo.

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