McHank’s Column #4 – Albums Deserve To Be Heard on Vinyl McHank’s Column #4 – Albums Deserve To Be Heard on Vinyl

McHank’s Column #4 – Albums Deserve To Be Heard on Vinyl

Albums that I wish were on vinyl, Volume One:

I wrote this list in May, 2008, and so far, I think only one has been crossed out…

Fantastic Planet – Failure
Head Trip in Every Key – Superdrag
First Love, Last Rites – Shudder to Think
Shipwrecked – The Sultans
Destination Failure – Smoking Popes
As This is Futuristic –The Apparitions
Under the Covers – Dwight Yoakam
Pinback – Pinback
To The Innocent – Thingy
Girl Crushes Boy – Smile
Spirit – Willie Nelson

Now, this is me, now, in 2012 talking, We’ve had, y’know, Record Store Day and stuff, and some of these artists have put out stuff for that, so I think it’s on their minds. The thing in the 90’s, was that it got to a point for a while there where major labels just almost completely stopped putting out music on vinyl, and CDs got so cheap to manufacture that it was basically the ONLY choice an independent could have of releasing something and making back their money.

I have a whole mess of records. I started collecting about thirty years ago. Records mean a lot to a person. The first record that I GOT, that was MINE, was the Peter Pan records imitation version of “Disco Duck” (I do not recommend you google that), and the first record I bought with my own money was “Pipes of Peace” by Paul McCartney. Not his finest work, but it was my first and I will never forget it.
Ask anybody, they probably remember their first record, do you remember yours?

I’ve tracked down most of my favorites through one manner or another. I got an Italian copy of Inch’s first record, “Stresser”, and I don’t think anybody in the band even has that. (I also have a few copies of their second record, “Dot Class “C””, which, if you don’t have it, I would tell you may just be the best album ever made, but some days I’ll tell you “Red Medicine” by Fugazi, or “Suicide Invoice” by Hot Snakes…) I have both version’s of Failure’s “Comfort”—the newly issued, nicely packaged version, and the original version that’s in a DJ sleeve with a promo sticker listing the tracks. It SO didn’t get played on any radio stations. If they’re available, at all, no matter how obscure the pressing, I have gone out of my way to obtain it.

I have to say, thanks to whatever it’s thanks to—people wanting something tangible, or the fact that records really ARE the best way to listen to music, most albums coming out these days, do get put out on vinyl. But even having said that, I have some other records to make a new list, more albums that should be out on vinyl. I mean after all, we call the very format, “RECORDS”. You don’t tell a band you can’t wait to hear their new mp3 collection. If you do, it’s probably your roommate and you don’t really mean it.

So, between me, and all the people like me, and all the people in other countries that never updated their stereo system from vinyl, there has to be demand for a lot of missed classics to get put on to wax.
And to all those that make vinyl, or continue to make vinyl, I would like to say, truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

2012 list: Albums that I wish were on vinyl, volume two:
Magnified – Failure
(They reissued the other two, why not the middle album?)
Leaves in the Gutter – Superchunk
(SO TOTALLY their best work, and I am a BIG fan of all their work)
Return of the Rentals – The Rentals (maaaaaybe it’s out on vinyl, but I haven’t ever seen it)
The Night All Systems Fail – Sloe
The Weekend- Hey Mercedes (the rest of their catalog is on vinyl, the first EP has been issued three different times)
Welcome Interstate Managers – Fountains of Wayne

I’m sure there are more that I’ll remember sooner or later, but these are my volumes one and two; if I were to list things that are on vinyl but too expensive for me to afford, that could be a whole other column nobody would care about.

If you feel like it, maybe you can comment with albums that YOU THINK should be on vinyl.

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  • Richard mcgrath says:

    I am also looking for WIllie Nelson Spirit. On vinyl.
    DId it ever come out.