So, I’ve never been into The Wallflowers. I mean like, I didn’t even know what to expect, going in to review this album. I was somewhat slightly familiar with the hit single, “One Headlight,” but I couldn’t really sing it to you, other than the titular hook. I know Jakob Dylan is Bob’s son, and I know he’s like, ridiculously good looking with beautiful blue eyes that I could swim around and drown in.

But that doesn’t say much about their music. So basically I had to talk to myself before sitting down to listen to this. “You have no basis for comparison. You haven’t heard their other records, you don’t know if this is better or worse.”

So I put it on. The thing that struck me immediately was that, it didn’t sound bad. There weren’t like, MAJORLY annoying things, I didn’t hear hacky sacks of the past. So I kept listening. No hooks, and I kind of zoned out. For about the first three songs it was a bit more like a sedative than an album. Not that anything sounded bad on it. The vocals were more or less mumbled/spoken, but neither offset by the music nor a particularly accompaniment to it. Kind of like a narrator on a movie about an album that isn’t pushed loud enough in the mix.

Then the fourth song came on, and I knew right away it was one of the ones that said “Featuring Mick Jones”. It’s called “Reboot the Mission.”

It had a totally Clash feel. Not bad! Not sure I’d put it on a mixtape if I had a cassette player and friends, but, didn’t do much, either. BUT, sounding vaguely Clash-y isn’t too bad of a thing. I put it back on right now, actually.

Unfortunately, I find that it’s the second of the two songs with Mick Jones, which means I daydreamed through the first one.

So the rest of the album went on and on and nothing else really perked my ears up. You know, the vocals, just…nothing’s happening. Sounds kind of like Tom Petty with a tranquilizer that removes any hints of melody, too. Bummer.

The band isn’t bad. They do some interesting things here and there — they’re way better than the vocals. They would probably be a pretty decent band if their singer could come up with a hook.

So, I come away thinking, well, I don’t HATE The Wallflowers — there’s just nothing there. I kind of don’t ‘get it.’ Because, well, music is the most important thing to me. I wouldn’t SPEND my money to get a record that was just gonna be background music. But if you’re into that, this would be the album for you.

Glad All Over Tracklist:

1. Hospitals For Sinners
2. Misfits And Lovers
3. First One In The Car
4. Reboot The Mission
5. It’s A Dream
6. Love Is A Country
7. Have Mercy On Him Now
8. The Devil’s Waltz
9. It Won’t Be Long (Till We’re Not Wrong Anymore)
10. Constellation Blues
11. One Set Of Wings

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