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A young couple are running through a dark forest lit only by the full Spanish moon. At the edge of the forest behind them shadows of large men gather silhouetted against a burning village. The men exchange inaudible words and hand signals before quickly fanning out into the forest, the largest figure taking the middle. The couple’s bare feet are caked in mud and blood as they struggle across the rugged undergrowth. The young girl trips over a rock and falls to the ground attempting to withhold a shriek of pain. One of the shadowy men stops and cocks his head toward the noise. The young man covers the girl’s mouth as he painfully dislodges her bloody foot from the rock. He hears a noise in the trees nearby.

A shadowy man emerges into a clearing to find the wounded girl sitting against a tree holding her wounded foot. The man takes an aggressive posture as he approaches the girl slowly, a large knife in one hand the other preparing to grab her. In the branches above the young man is perched with a sharp rock. He looks down as the shadowy man reaches for the young girl. He jumps from the branch….

Matt Stevens’ Echo takes its audience on an exhilarating and romantic instrumental adventure. Ranging from light and melodic to deep and aggressive, the moods set by this album flow together like a masterfully woven screenplay. Lyrics are not necessary and would only distract from the virtuosity of Stevens’ guitar compositions. Some of the album uses traditional flamenco picking on top of basic chord progressions while some songs use more experimental manipulations of tone and pitch with abstract background effects and minimal percussion throughout.

The Point: Sparse in content and rich in expression, Echo is an impressive album that burrows deeper into your psyche with every listen.

Track Listing:
1. Burning Bandstands
2. Airships
3. Drama In The Coals
4. Files In The Basement
5. Snow Part 3
6. Chasing The Sun
7. Spencer Park
8. West Green
9. Jubilee
10. Dolls House

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