Man Man / Landlady @ The Mohawk – 8.26.14 Man Man / Landlady @ The Mohawk – 8.26.14


Ed. Note: Under a Texas sky, by the dying light of summer, there was a spectacle to be a hold. A whirling dervish circus of sound and empathy. Landlady and Man Man, two bands with a yen for heartfelt epic confusion-making soundscapes checking the wunderkind maniacals and the neotribal assertives with equal parts joy, vanity and strangeness made their way to The Mohawk to let their roars and timbres flair into the open air of Austin and Ms. Maggie Boyd was fortunate enough to be there, sweating, smiling, clicking until her hope was full and yes, we were jealous because we love a good, long twist to close the heat of the day into the long dark night of the soul but she did provide some evidence that makes us feel closer to home. Now dig, if you will, her pictures.


Man Man

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