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Lupe Fiasco - Lasers

There’s so many ways to say it, so many analogies to make and comparisons to…compare, but let’s not mix words; Lasers is kind of a disappointment.

Everything was on an epic “one of the greatest” type of timelines for Lupe Fiasco. Food & Liquor was fully legit and considerably underrated, and The Cool, well The Cool was a gigantic fuck you to “Sophomore Slump” theorists. So after rising to “even my mom knows that one song” status, we were forced to wait over 3 years for Lupe’s next full-length release. 3 years is too long to wait for a follow-up these days, and if your new shit doesn’t just blow everything else outta the water, then you can pretty much transfer the level of anticipation right on over to the level of disappointment, like a fucking accounting spreadsheet.

Now, it must be said that the wait is not really Lupe’s fault; blah blah record company bullshit blah blah. Basically fans have been waiting since 2009 for a full-length release. Shitty. But I have to separate the record company drama and look at Lasers as an individual piece. And truthfully, Lupe pretty much handles the situation on “The Show Goes On”, comparing the powers that be to slave owners; without a doubt one of the best tracks on Lasers.

But Lasers feels like more of a step backward for Lupe. Not a big step, but it’s impossible to not feel that way after having to wait so long for the finished product. I remember listening to The Cool and not being able to skip a single track before getting to the end and saying to myself “whoa, I gotta listen to that again”. Not the same for Lasers. Some of the tracks are definitely skip-able, which creates a feeling of inconsistency and robs the listener of the ability to get lost in the album. Not that we’re owed that, and maybe it speaks to how good The Cool was, but when you have to wait over 3 years, you almost can’t help but assign those same expectations.

Lasers definitely has extreme high-points and I definitely have about 4 tracks on heavy rotation on my various mixes that get me through the day.

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    Top 5 phrases in senor Fiasco’s performance:



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    I think he spent a little too much time trying to play a revolutionary on twitter