Lonnie Holley – Keeping a Record of It Lonnie Holley – Keeping a Record of It

Lonnie Holley - Keeping a Record of It (2013)

Lonnie Holley – Keeping a Record of It (2013)

When I was young and my mother was near (or, perhaps, just passed) remission we spent a lot of time in Ojai with Sue and her two blonde children who once kept me from dying when I dove into the deep end thinking I could swim as a fish and drowned. It was a strange time filled with sacred stones, riddling tomes and crystal architecture forged in the backyards of balding men who only ever took guests by night and whose faces (though repeating) have been completely erased from my memory.

I remember tears and Anubis statues. Sandstone carved up from nothing. Prayers and wait. Animals in the shadows and vines wrapped deep into the caverns of the moon. There grew a mythology of white light, entrusted to my hands, realized and recognized in shared dreamscapes as an extension of Christ’s kindness which I was to use to heal the sick, the inopportune, her.

I doubt, now, that I did or that I ever could. The whole notion is absurd and yet, sometimes, I still look at my hands and wonder if there was any validity to the story, if there was a true and healing magic to be found in me back in those days of cosmic desperation.

It seemed so possible then.

Recently, I tried to talk to my mother about the period just to be sure and, perhaps, piece together some details I was missing about where, exactly, I’d been and what was actually seen and what power (if any) might still be found in me. We hadn’t broached the subject in years – well over a decade – and the mention of Ojai sent her off into a misty, defensive rage.

“That was a really scary time for me and I got mixed up with some very bad people, okay? I’m sorry. I’m sorry I involved you at all but I didn’t know what else to do and if I could do it over again, I wouldn’t.”

She swallowed her glass of champagne and left the room.

When she came back a few minutes later with a fresh glass, she started talking about reality television. The conversation was over. No answers. No insights. Just an apology and a suggestion that there was a darkness at play back then which I’d never noticed or ignored or blocked out or…

I don’t know. I really don’t. And, to be honest, I would rather not think about it. I want to remember that time as a glorious unfolding of fringe spirituality that rang from the new age vogue to the occult (or cultish) which may have been strange if not beauteously lunatic but whose principles and purpose were ultimately good.

I mean, I have to. It’s a huge part of who I am, even if it isn’t true.

Keeping a Record of It Tracklist:

1. Six Space Shuttles and 144,000 Elephants
2. The Start of a River’s Run (One Drop)
3. Mind On
4, Sun & Water (featuring Lillian Blades)
5. Making a Joyful Noise
6. From the Other Side of the Pulpit (featuring Bradford Cox and Cole Alexander)
7. Keeping a Record of It (featuring Bradford Cox and Cole Alexander)

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