Locrian – The Crystal World Locrian – The Crystal World

Locrian - The Crystal World

Fear is not immediate. Fear is a constant. A glass echo in the shadows, long and complete. Fear is what drives us to do extraordinary things. Fear fuels irrationality, feeds endorphins. Forces us to face the portrait, torn and stained by feeble attempts to write a better history.

It is the great inevitability.

Fear is what makes men. Fear is what builds nations. Fear is what drove us to the caves and into art and once forged fire from the darkness. Fear is what slew Goliath. Fear gave birth to electricity, psychology, the Almighty.

Yet fear is dust.

Insignificant by our great standards. Not an inch of a city. Not a gun or a knife or some great monstrosity torn from our dreams and made flesh by cunning madness.

Fear is.

Fear has always been.


And so are we. Insignificant despite our force of accomplishments. A farce of the universe. A blip, conceived in earnest whose irrelevance will not be known for generations but will, one day, swallow up everyone and everything you’ve ever known or loved or called your own.

That’s a hell of a way to consider, things. I know. The void is no friend. It is then and it is the end.

So fall into its embrace and fucking DO SOMETHING for fuck’s sake.

It’s already too late.

1. Triumph of Elimination
2. At Night’s End
3. The Crystal World
4. Pathogens
5. Obsidian Facades
6. Elevations and Depths

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