Live Review – Cursive – Casbah – 3-14-09 Live Review – Cursive – Casbah – 3-14-09

Tim Kasher - Cursive

Tim Kasher - Cursive

There are few greater joys in a music fans life than getting to see a band with a following as large as Cursive playing in a 200 person local venue, like San Diego’s Casbah.

Three years since their last album Cursive is on tour again, fresh off releasing, “Mama, I’m Swollen”. “Mama, I’m Swollen” is the most stripped down and downtrodden album of the last three that Cursive has released. It seems very apt that they have selected small and intimate venues for this tour.

Just because Cursive is a group that’s sometimes labeled as Emo, don’t think that Tim Kasher and crew can’t still get a crowd whipped into a frenzy. The band took the stage about 11pm and set the pace quickly. The precision and power of drummer Cornbread Compton (new for “Mama, I’m Swollen”, and formerly of Engine Down) was on demonstration throughout the entire show. Tim Kasher was on point as he was churning out anxiety filled lyrics in the aggressive and disorienting manner that he owns.

cursive-casbah-03-14-09-pic-45There was a good mix of songs from all of Cursive’s albums. New songs “I Couldn’t Love You” and “From The Hips” had people singing along as if they were classics (Download “From The Hips” below courtesy of Cobra Camanda and Saddle Creek). The Casbah was rocking the hardest when the group got nostalgic, playing tracks from the 2003 album “The Ugly Organ”.

Cursive played until almost 1 am doing an electric 30 minute encore that featured “Art is Hard”, “Big Bang”, and “Sink to the Beat”. The night ended with Tim deciding he wanted some drum time, while Cornbread did his best Mogwai impression by standing next to the amp and punishing the crowd with some heavy feedback. All the fans left a little deaf, but extremely euphoric.

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