LISTEN! to Trash Talk Knock God’s Teeth in with “Cloudkicker” LISTEN! to Trash Talk Knock God’s Teeth in with “Cloudkicker”

unnamed-1I mean, duh…right? It’s fucking Trash Talk. It’s NEW fucking Trash Talk and though it might not be the frantic frothing freakout and kill your mother’s son hardasfuckcore as some of the band’s earlier bursts of lunacy it is still balls deep in the broke bones skate rat hell scum that makes this band one of the best on the goddamn planet. You can actually even almost understand a little bit of what Lee is screaming which is a plus next time you’re in the pit. Anyway, this jam “Cloudkicker” can be listened to below. It’s off No Peace which is out 5/27 thanks to Odd Future Records (preorder that shit on colored vinyl now). Crank it, kids then go break some shit. Rockit.

No Peace Tracklist:
1. Amnesiatic (Prod. by Alchemist)
2. Jigsaw
3. The Hole
4. Leech
5. Cloudkicker
6. Body Stuffer
7. Nine Lives
8. Monochrome
9. The Great Escape
10. Locked in Skin
11. SOS
12. Prometheus
13. Just A Taste
14. Reprieve (Prod. by Alchemist)
15. Still Waiting For The Sun (Bonus Track)
16. Stackin Skins (feat. Wiki and King Krule) (Bonus Track)

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