LISTEN! to the Swooning Tar Beach Beat of Heat Dust’s “Seeking a Praxis” LISTEN! to the Swooning Tar Beach Beat of Heat Dust’s “Seeking a Praxis”

Back in the days of purple streaks and bitter, bitter New England winters when I was just a pale boy with some dumb scars and a script that would level out Mark E. Smith I was nothing short of a full-blown goth. Hmmmm. Maybe not. It wasn’t until college that I ended up “dancing” mushroom Saturdays away at the Pyramid in a black ball gown, spider web fishnet shirt (thanks, Speak…whoever you may be these days) and dog collar pretending that Dead Can Dance was really on to something total and by then I’d dropped the meds and started in with the shakes that persist to this day but the point is, once you’re goth you’re kinda goth for good and that’s awesome because goths are foxxxy as fuck when they aren’t all terrible and even then, at least, you can learn something new about Kierkegaard. So I’m goth even though I don’t wear it as well as I used to. Heat Dust is kinda goth too but way more goth in the spirit of the post industrialist Bat Cave risen up from the Bayou Brood than the Un Chien Andalous of my youth so of course my callowed cockles are humming hard for the new cool ghoul pop of their new scooner jam, “Seeking a Praxis” (off their eponymous Flenser debut, due 9.25). You can and should hep hard to its wonder below and then catch the band laying waste to the autumnal USA alongside Thou and The Body soon. All known dates end the page. Rockit.

10.12.15 – Austin (no thou/body)
10.13.15 – San Antonio (no thou/body)
10.15.15 – Tucson at 191 Toole at Southwest Terror fest
10.16.15 – Albuquerque
10.17.15 – Colorado Springs (matinee)
10.17.15 – Denver
10.18.15 – Salt Lake City with Sub Rosa
10.19.15 – Reno
10.20.15 – Portland
10.21.15 – Seattle with Dreamdecay
10.22.15 – Seattle (matinee) at KEXP
10.22.15 – Olympia
10.23.15 – Portland (matinee)
10.23.15 – Salem
10.24.15 – Arcata
10.25.15 – Santa Rosa (matinee)
10.25.15 – Berkeley at 924 Gilman
10.26.15 – Oakland at the Metro
10.27.15 – Santa Cruz
10.28.15 – San Luis Obispo with Hollow Sunshine
10.29,15 – Santa Barbara (matinee)
10.29.15 – San Diego
10.30.15 – Lancaster at Moose Lodge
10.31.15 – Los Angeles at Super Chief Gallery
11.01.15 – Riverside at Blood Orange

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