Linfinity – Martian’s Bloom Linfinity – Martian’s Bloom

Linfinity - Martian’s Bloom

Linfinity - Martian’s Bloom

Linfinity is the poetry of Americana in a nature state of maturity. Ancient but alive, ticking like rustic antique clocks that are now international collectables, part of an alternative genre that benefits from the influence of world music.

The quivering voice of Dylan Von Wagne booms with primitive angst. There is nothing more honest in a singer than when they have let go of everything that has held them back, and are left with the raw essentials. The purity of sound itself. A catharsis of emotion that grabs at your attention, as if echoes of chorus hymns were reverberating off chapel walls, hitting you from every direction, and inevitably stopping you from paying amends for our sins and desires just to look up and listen. Even if you say, “Fuck religion,” you can’t deny the power of amplification and orchestrated sound. Arcade fire has a similar melancholic fullness, a comparable BIG SOUND that strikes the unforeseen listener by surprise.

More abstraction and less narration are what give Linfinity credence in this great, but fucked up world of music. In their upcoming album, Martian’s Bloom, the six-piece assemblage creates a sense of blurred, neurotic imagery fractured into layers of meaning. Even though you have yet to unfold what exactly this music is, you are still content with the dreaded idea. Manipulated feverishly.

I find it interesting that the name, Linfinity, apparently came from one of those “old timers.” You know the ones that, always hangout at tourist parks inexplicably trying to be part of the reenactment, or the ones you run into at the local bar, pawn shop or sporting event. I’m talking about, the ones that are trapped in a different time like nothing of great importance has come after that moment. You leave the conversation contemplating life, hooked and a little scared.  Apparently in an interview with the NY Press, Von Wagne says an old war vet told him how, “in World War I in the trenches a general would walk around to his soldiers who were shell shocked and give them a word to calm them, he would tell them to say ‘Linfinity’ over and over to themselves, to relax them’

Martian’s Bloom is just that I think, calming…

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