Lemuria – The Distance Is So Big Lemuria – The Distance Is So Big

Lemuria - The Distance Is So Big (2013)

Lemuria – The Distance Is So Big (2013)

I keep waiting for The Distance Is So Big to piss me off with its boy/girl sing song, mid tempo specter and genteel odes to Hawaii and dancers and that dude who made those glass ceiling flowers for the Bellagio but it hasn’t. It won’t. As close as its incessant pleasantries and Buffalo charm come to enveloping my brain in a blinding saccharine abyss it never slips into insufferability.

And I find that rather frustrating, actually.

Because I like to think (sometimes) there are lines between pop and punk I can stand behind knowingly, resting a finger on my nose just so as to say “Yes, this is fine but not this time. Tonight, I’m feeling rough and righteous and there’s no place for kind tonality in me.”

Lemuria, it seems, could give two shits about such posing because they’ve nailed the pop qua punk cum love rock snide better than any goddamn band since Teen Beat threw their heyday up in Unrest 7”s and Velocity Girl went le sigh.

Granted, I’ve lost a lot of love for the genre (?) since Sarah Shannon went jazz but, whatever, this band is totally fucking crushable and the fact that they welcome stage diving as readily as I can see Danny and Aimee replaying this record endlessly at the AM tail end of their backyard Bastille bash just makes me want to punch a pony in the shins for being so fucking ARGH! WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO HARD, LEMURIA?!?!?

Is it the hooks? They’re there, yeah. WAY PLENTY OF THEM! The post hardcore nerd effect? They’ve got odd time signatures and spins of (seemingly) unnecessary complex chords mixed in with machismo riffage as a pop format that shakes me right back to the days when I thought I could impress some unmentionable lady back by learning Get Up Kids tracks only to find that eight bars gave me a seizure, then a migraine, then I quit. The lyrics? Love v. Art v. Time v. Fucking.

Goddamnit, Lemuria has everything for a summer spent visiting next wave whiz kids in work-friendly tattoos letting their brains reset on the shore with cold High Lifes and slow smokers and all the world is a LOMO. They’re a good time band. Not the best, but well worth a wink and a smile and…is that a tan?

The Distance is So Big Tracklist:

1. Michael and Stephen Moon
2. Brilliant Dancer
3. Clay Baby
4. Scienceless
5. Paint The Youth
6. Dream Eater
7. Oahu, Hawaii
8. Chihuly
9. Bluffing Statistics
10. Public Opinion Bath
11. Congratulations Sex
12. Survivors’ Guilt
13. Ruby

Lemuria - The Distance Is So Big, reviewed by Charles on 2013-07-24T07:47:50-07:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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