Legowelt – Amiga Railroad Adventures Legowelt – Amiga Railroad Adventures

Legowelt - Amiga Railroad Adventures

Legowelt - Amiga Railroad Adventures

It’s inspiring to hear the quality of music that can be produced using “dated” technology. I terms of technological advanced, in an age where we have biblically powerful computers and mind blowingly complex programs and software at our disposal, you really wouldn’t think about delving into the past. But then 8bit chiptune music became the “in” thing, and there will always be that one gearhead that refuses to use any piece of equipment made post-1970. Here you will find Legowelt with his latest creation “Amiga Railroad Adventures”.

The name itself speaks for the music. Using the Octamed sequencer on an Amiga 1200, coupled with the Rolls Royce of drum machines, the TR808, Legowelt has gone about making a retro Electronic album that’s as much fun as the name would suggest. I can’t help but think that “Amiga Railroad Adventures” would soundtrack a video game perfectly. That is part of the charm as a story seems to unfold as the album progresses. An odd story albeit, but a narrative nonetheless. You can’t help but ponder the idea of “Driving Through An Amiga Forest”, which plays like an 8bit reworking of a funky number from the 80s that actually fits a driving rhythm. And then there’s “Jess The Cat” which could very well be the theme music to a character in one of the early SNES role playing titles. One of the defining points here is that you can make up your own story to follow the music. And that’s exactly what we want from Electronic music like this. It should all be this fun!

1.X9 Vulcan Bomber
2.Ocean Arrow
3.Apoteosis (Fabio Frizzi Cover)
4.Lake Express
5.Driving through an Amiga Forest
6. Railroad Romantics
7. Safehouse Phonecall
8. Pacific Dreams
9. Idaho Interstate Travel
10. Lufthansa 83
11. Exit Loomisfield
12. Jess the Cat
13. Seven Seas of Danger
14. Bermuda Trianlge Golfcourse
15. A Powerfull Vision
16. Playing A-Train

Legowelt - Amiga Railroad Adventures, reviewed by Heard on 2009-07-17T07:29:16-07:00 rating 3.7 out of 5

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