Launch Festival Sacramento – 2012 Launch Festival Sacramento – 2012

Words By Delicious // Photos by Russell Volksen


“This is good for Sacramento” was the thing to say Saturday in Cesar Chavez Park in Sacramento during Launch 2012.  I heard it as a greeting, as a segue and as a hypothesis to some greater question or issue in the world.  But what the statement “This is good for Sacramento” is to the humble people of Sacramento is a measured way of saying “this is fucking awesome!”.

The day was gorgeous, despite the always looming threat of triple digits, and the anticipation of good music and free beer tingled my “areas”.  I can’t say this enough, you gotta get on this press shit, free booze is the best, and I’m not sorry that I’m not sorry.  But just the fact that something good was happening in Sacramento had all of the “areas” of those in attendance – tingling.

Although crowds were slow to trickle in, Future Islands put on a performance that should be considered some sort of Olympic event.  The dude seriously pours his guts out on stage while basically inventing some sort of dance aerobics routine, all while hitting every note in 90-something degree heat.  I saw the lead singer, Sam Herring, backstage a few hours after the Future Islands set and the dude looked like he just ran some sort of marathon, in khakis and a braided leather belt.   You gotta applaud that effort, and based on what my Spotify tells me, they’ve made a few more fans as well.

Future Islands

After getting the scene figured out, wading in a fountain who’s daytime job is bum-tub (I do not regret this decision) and checking out some of the wares local gypsies were peddling, it took off.

The Fame Riot – Exactly what their name sounds like.  Who doesn’t love a rockstar?

Gardens and Villas – Flutes in a sweet arrow pouch.  “I kinda like those guys”-said everyone.

Grouplove – All of my friends thought they were going to be another band and ended up loving them; they secretly or not so secretly would have stole the show if DJ Shadow didn’t, well…keep reading

The Joy Formidable – They wouldn’t be this big if their singer wasn’t cute, but I still like em anyway, I don’t give a fuck

DJ Shadow – Stole the show, straightup.  When you have exclusive content from Bun B and can bring out Lateef the Truthspeaker AND YOU’RE FUCKING DJ SHADOW!…that’s what happens.

Chromeo – not gonna lie, having to follow DJ Shadow (and believe me, I’m not some fanboy or anything) made them seem like ‘just some nice lil pop band’; then some girl started yelling at me because I wasn’t acting like her boyfriend or something (that’s what it sounded like to me at least) during Needy Girl.  How perfect is that!

Well done Launch 2012.  Well done Sacramento.

2 Responses about “Launch Festival Sacramento – 2012”

  • Michael Murphy says:

    I can’t wait for that girl to read this review. I’d assumed I was going to get drunk and bring it up in front of her, but you totally took care of that for me

  • KMC says:

    Best LAUNCH review award goes to you!