Lanterns – Apocalypse Youth Lanterns – Apocalypse Youth

Lanterns - Apocalypse Youth

Diogenes smiles. His tool is a racket. A glint in forgettable sunshine.

A simple gift of the gods if the gods claimed Imperial and turned her sinking shell into a dais for the dogs to call a pulpit with yips and howls resounding in the peppered caves where shadow men lay tremble in their myopia.

Anxious. Empty. Endless.

Well, fuck that.

I’m clapping. I’m singing. I’m shouting. I’m naked.

A beggar wrapped in immaterial excess. An ill-mannered wolf in the agora tasting her hair, her middle finger.

Because I’ve found my honest men. My clarions. My gentlemen of rough pop purpose playing songs if irrefutable fortune. Of joy. Glories for the modern man whose search for meaning led him inward, afraid for so many years he’d almost forgotten what a fucking pleasure it is to REJOICE!

Praise revelry.


I think “Midnight Psalms” might have just saved my life.

Lanterns - Apocalypse Youth, reviewed by Charles on 2010-01-08T10:24:10-08:00 rating 4.1 out of 5

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