Kylesa – Static Tensions Kylesa – Static Tensions

Kylesa – Static Tensions

Kylesa – Static Tensions

Sometimes, I want to kick your ass. Bad. Loose my beard in a way that lets my unwashed cavalry of scab ridden crust funds know that it’s fucking ON! and then we rain hell upon you with stenciled flak jackets and bicycle chains crying something about “fascist” or “faggot” or fucking god knows what nonsense comes out of a brooding young portentous anarchist’s mouth when he’s got the blood lust and the percussive force to make a mark across a pale face in the name of a flag whose very flight indicates a certain self defeat.

Except in reality it’d be more like a swarm of those red ants that swallow the New School every now and again because “exile” will never be as easy to coordinate with a kefiyah as the comfort of knowing that you might encounter some minor inconvenience in your otherwise regimented commuting day.

And then you really won’t be all that sorry, will you? I mean even if you might deign to understand just what it is that you’ve done wrong you probably won’t give a shit because the impotence of rising up is sometimes so goddamn petty it’s a wonder men of power don’t cede their seats every now and again just for laughs.

Let the kittens run the playground until they get hungry and mew at the back door for a nip at momma’s soft pap and then skin them.


Kylesa - Static Tensions, reviewed by Charles on 2009-06-26T08:19:22-07:00 rating 2.8 out of 5

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