Krallice – Dimensional Bleedthrough Krallice – Dimensional Bleedthrough

Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough

Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough

Black Metal enjoys where it is. It relishes in the comfort of it’s clichés and stereotype. Anything that shows a clear progression or digression from the original blueprint is almost instantly chastised as untrue and “false”. But that’s exactly why it’s a dying form of music. Like a primitive beast being ousted from existence by newer, fancier, sleeker, more able creatures, Black Metal is quickly drifting back into obscurity. But once every now and again a band will take that primitive blueprint and completely rework everything about it, and to great success.

You could argue that it was the US brand of Black Metal that initially started this true break from the norm. A band called Weakling from San Francisco released the classic ”Dead As Dreams” which shocked the scene with it’s brilliant production, fantastic collection of riffs and lead guitar parts and inventive progressions in long and meandering songs. Today we’re seeing something similar happen with New York’s Krallice.

Krallice began as the brainchild of Colin Marston (known for his work with Behold… The Arctopus and Dysrhythmia) and Mick Barr (Orthrelm). The duo, who had been working on the project for some time, brought in drummer Lev Weinstein and their eponymous debut album ”Krallice” was birthed into the World to huge success, not only among Black Metal fans but music critics alike. With their latest effort Dimensional Bleedthrough we’re treated to a similar effort of lengthy tracks of beautifully written Black Metal. The production is slightly better this time around and although it’s a little too polished for my taste I can definitely see it appealing to a bigger audience.

As with before the riffs are massive and they go places, something not found very often in a Black Metal project, and you can really account that to the duo’s musicianship. Lead guitars play off one another sometimes overlapping in sweet harmonies or sinister melodies while blistering, relentless drumming rampages onward through 14 minutes of a track. The vocals seem to have lost a little of their distinction on Dimensional Bleedthrough but you can’t fault them too greatly when the songwriting is of such a high degree.

You can really hear that strong Weakling influence again especially on the track ‘Aridity’ which begins with a minute of excellent feedback noise leading into one of the best riffs of the album. Midtempo strumming of cold chords with the perfect lead line to accompany before evolving into a manic frenzy of percussion and tremolo guitars, like something straight from ”Dead As Dreams”. The oddball tracks here like ‘Untitled’, which sounds like an early Immortal tracks, and ‘Intraum’, the almost-Ambient duel guitar track, don’t seem too out of place either. My only qualm is that they come across as songs that scream “we can do this too” which detracts from the general flavour of the LP as a whole.

The album plays off with the gargantuan 18 minute ‘Monolith Of Possession’ which is my highlight of the album. It’s colder and grimmer than an expedition to a Norwegian fjord in the middle of winter and the riffs are jagged and angular, teetering on the edge of abrasion. It’s the most perfect example of what Black Metal can be given that the right people have the right means to make it.

I must say that I too was skeptical of the quality of a new Black Metal band consisting of members of Technical Metal bands but this is truly something great. It’s not a genre revival or reason to believe that Black Metal will make a huge comeback but it’s definitely a sign that there’s life in the old goat yet.

Track Listing:
1. Dimensional Bleedthrough
2. Autochthon
3. Aridity
4. The Mountain
5. Intraum
6. Untitled
7. Monolith of Possession

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